How to fix aim assist in Fortnite

It’s common for shooters to include features to make aiming more straightforward for gamers on controller. One of the perfect samples of such features is aim assist in Fortnite. Still, some players report that sometimes it does not work correctly.

Read this guide to find out how to fix aim assist in Fortnite and make your aim on console far more smooth.


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Why Aim Assist Doesn’t Work in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, there is no specific reason why Aim Assist does not work in Fortnite. Even though the aim assist glitch has been in the game since the release of this system, developers still haven’t found the particular reason why the glitch happens. But a few working solutions can make your Aim Assist work correctly again. Let’s get started with the first one!


Check Aim Assist Value

Like any other setting in Fortnite, Aim Assist can have different values. The maximum value of Aim Assist Strength is 100%, and the lowest is 0% when the Aim Assist is turned off. The most likely reason the Aim Assist does not work is incorrect Assist Strength. It should be higher than 80% if you want to feel the assist support during the battle.

First, open Settings and head to Controller Options. Here you should Turn On Advanced Options in the Sensitivity tab. After that, set the Aim Assist Strength to 100%. It will make the Assist work on full power, significantly improving your in-game experience.


Reboot Aim Assist

Another simple but working solution is to reboot the Aim Assist. You only need to head to Settings and Turn off Aim Assist. After that, feel free to Turn it On again and enjoy the game. Doing it will not take more than a few minutes but will guarantee you comfortable gameplay.

Set Up Correct HUD Settings

One of the primary reasons why Aim Assist does not work in Fortnite is HUD settings. They might be reset once you install the new update or want to play the game from the new device. Moreover, sometimes HUD settings reset on their own. And the best solution in such a case is to set the correct HUD settings.


Relaunch the Game

Even though relaunching the game might sound evident, this solution is one of the fastest ways to make the Aim Assist work correctly again. Sometimes, the game might start incorrectly without a specific reason. It results in a tonne of different bugs and glitches while playing the game. And the best way to solve such problems is to relaunch the game.

That’s it with fixing aim assist problems in Fortnite. Also, make sure that your controller is connected to the device once you log into the game. If all these solutions do not work for you, make sure to contact in-game support. They are online 24/7 and can go through your case to make the game work correctly again. And while you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to change character in Fortnite.

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