How to Fix Battlefield 2042 High CPU Usage

Battlefield 2042 has received a new update 3.1, which includes a new map called ‘Spearhead,’ weapons called ‘Rorsch MK-4, XM8, A-91,’ and a vehicle called ‘EMKV90-TOR. Despite their claims that the game’s overall performance has improved, gamers appear to disagree. According to recent reports, many Battlefield 2042 players claim that the game regularly causes high CPU usage. In this article we will try to tech you how to Fix Battlefield 2042 High CPU Usage.

Battlefield is a definite hit, but the high CPU usage has made the gaming session less enjoyable. The game is hogging CPU usage, which causes stuttering and lagging issues. One of the major issues that gamers face is high CPU consumption. Several gamers have stated that their CPU usage is at or close to 100%. As a result, there is significant stuttering and delay. So, if you’re having the same issue, you’ve come to the right place.

3 Ways to Fix Battlefield 2042 High CPU Usage

Deploy a Clean Boot

  • Type msconfig and press Enter to open System Configuration.
  • On the Services tab, select the Hide all Microsoft services check box and click Disable All and OK.
  • Go to Startup and click Open Task Manager.
  • In the Start section, right-click and uncheck one program at a time
  • After that restart computer.

Update GPU Drivers

  • Double-click on Display adapters.
  • Right-click on the dedicated graphics card that you’re using.
  • Select Update driver > Search for drivers automatically.
  • If an update is available, the system will download and install it automatically.
  • After that restart Windows PC.

Reset the Power Option

  • In the search bar, type edit plan and press Enter.
  • Click Change advanced power settings.
  • Double-click Processor Power Management, and then expand Minimum Processor Status.
  • Change the value of Settings (%) to about 20% or less and click Apply & OK

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on methods to Fix Battlefield 2042 High CPU Usage. Battlefield games have historically had issues with CPU usage, and BF2042 is no exception. Several errors and bugs were reported during the game’s beta testing, the most serious of which was the Battlefield 2042 100% CPU usage or high CPU usage.

I hope you understand this article, How to Fix Battlefield 2042 High CPU Usage.

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