How to Get the Raven Staff in Terraria

Summoner and Minion Master builds of Terraria will undoubtedly find great use in combat with the Raven Staff, a Summon Weapon that spawns a fast-moving, flying Raven capable of dealing up to 55 points of base damage. This weapon functions similarly to the Finch Staff, another fowl-summoning device that dispatches a Finch to attack nearby targets. This small bird can only deal up to 7 points of base damage, making the Raven Staff a much better option in the latter stages of the game when adventurers face tougher enemies. Like the Chain Gun in Terraria, the Raven Staff is only obtainable by participating in a specific event. 

Unlocking the Raven Staff in Terraria

To unlock the Raven Staff in Terraria for some fowl fun, you must trigger the Pumpkin Moon using the Pumpkin Moon Medallion. During this event, the final wave of enemies will spawn the Pumpking, a Boss with an approximately 2% to 14% chance of dropping the Raven Staff.


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The Pumpkin Moon Medallion is a craftable Event Summon item that can be made at a Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil using the following materials: 

Resources How to Obtain
Pumpkin × 30
  • Pumpkins are grown from Pumpkin Seeds, which grow on Grass. 
  • According to gameplay recorded by YouTuber Udisen Games, these Seeds can be purchased from the Dryad.
  • For those who do not have the Dryad, the official Terraria Wiki states that you can summon the NPC to your home by fulfilling these two conditions:
    • Have an unoccupied home
    • Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Brain of Cthulhu, Skeletron, or Lepus
Ectoplasm × 5
  • Ectoplasm drops from Dungeon Spirits of the Dungeon, an underground biome that generally spawns on the far left or far right side of the map.
Hallowed Bar × 10
  • Hallowed Bars are dropped materials from the game’s three Mechanical Bosses, including The Twins, Skeletron Prime, and The Destroyer.

Once you have crafted the Pumpkin Moon Medallion, use it at any time after nightfall in-game to trigger the Pumpkin Moon. Like other night-based events, Terraria Wiki states that the Pumpkin Moon “always ends at 4:30 AM,” so be prepared to swiftly deal with 20 waves of enemy hordes, including the Pumpking. This Boss is an aerial entity, so ranged weapons will likely be most effective for the battle. Once defeated, Terraria will roll its RNG dice to determine whether event participants will unlock the Raven Staff as a Boss drop.

Terraria is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. 

Source: YouTube/Udisen Games | Terraria Wiki

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