How to Get the Weakness Exploit Skill

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The Weakness Exploit skill is one of the best abilities you can get in Monster Hunter Rise, capable of doing massive damage to enemies when applied correctly. Here we’ll show you how to get the Weakness Exploit skill, what it does, and how to use it most effectively in combat.

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How to Get the Weakness Exploit Skill in Monster Hunter Rise

To get the Weakness Exploit skill in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to equip a talisman or piece of armour that has it attached, essentially allowing you to utilise the skill while it’s being worn.

If you’re looking to get it via a Talisman, you’ll have to start crafting them via the Melding Pot, as explained here. Focus on using the Moonbow option for the best chance of getting it, though you will be fighting randomness in the process. Otherwise, there’s certain armour sets that’ll unlock the skill. Here’s the full list.

Armour With the Weakness Exploit Skill

  • Remobra Feet S (Weakness Exploit Lv 1)
  • Skalda Elytra S (Weakness Exploit Lv 2)
    • Toxic Kumori (1)
    • Quality Stomach (2)
    • Almudron Plate (1)
  • Spio Elytra S (Weakness Exploit Lv 2)


  • Toxic Kumori (1)
  • Quality Stomach (2)
  • Almudron Plate (1)
  • Zinogre Helm S (Weakness Exploit Lv 1)
    • Zinogre Horn+ (2)
    • Zinogre Electrofur (3)
    • Fulgurbug (3)
    • Bishaten Fur+ (2)
  • Zinogre Mail S (Weakness Exploit Lv 1)
    • Zinogre Electrofur (3)
    • Zinogre Carapace (3)
    • Zinogre Claw+ (1)
    • Zinogre Plate (2)

These are all from good armour sets, especially the Zinogre. If you’re having trouble getting the materials, you can find out how to slay it easily here.

Weakness Exploit Skill Explained

The Weakness Exploit Skill is designed to boost the affinity of attacks whenever you hit a weak spot, essentially raising the chance of doing massive damage in a single strike. The exact odds are laid out accordingly:

  • Level 1: Attacks that hit weak spots have 15% increased affinity
  • Level 2: Attacks that hit weak spots have 30% increased affinity
  • Level 3: Attacks that hit weak spots have 50% increased affinity


Affinity is its own nuanced mechanic. To make the most of it, check our affinity here. Or head here to find out how to get the Deepest Night, one of the best long swords in the game!

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