How to Get to Dalaran (2023)

Wrath Classic is finally here! is just around the corner. This might be an old expansion, but the same old question is still there to bother you – How to Get to Dalaran?

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The Magocratic city of Dalaran, which floats above Crystalsong Forest in the icy-cold continent of Northrend, is a tough place to reach – but not impossible! Now, you might think you can just land in any Alliance or Horde base on Northrend and simply buy a flying ride to Dalaran, and boom – that’s it, the job is done. But it was never that simple.

In the words of the Lich King, ‘You shall suffer!’ Trying to find a way, that is. But we’re here to help!

Wrath Classic (WotLK): How to Get to Dalaran

Today, we’re going to look at a few ways that will get you to Dalaran, as there is no other way to get to the main city in the game. Let’s see what’s in your inventory of options!

Mage Portal

Mages have been known to be the most ‘classical’ class in the game since day one. What makes mages so unique (besides making their own mana potions and health food) is the ability to teleport themself or an entire raid to different locations, including the capital of Outland, Shattrath City.

Once a character hits level 74 and arrives on Northrend, the mage can learn the Portal: Dalaran from a portal trainer in any of the major camps for its faction. Of course, the portal will still require a regent, which will remain cheap and easy to come by.

Once the portal is included in your spellbook, you can watch the gold flow in your backpack. Many players will ask a mage for a teleport since it’s the fastest way to get to Dalaran. It might cost 10-15 gold, but if you wish to save time, just pay up.


Note: This is a one-time quest, so use it only when you really need to get there.

After you reach level 74, you can pick up a quest that will take you to Dalaran. It is called:

Various NPCs offer the quest in many of the starting zones of Northrend.



Once you’ve accepted the quest, talk to the NPC again and click on the dialogue. They will teleport you to Dalaran.

In Dalaran, make sure to enter the room near Krasus’s Landing and click on the purple triangle. This will allow you to teleport beneath the city, and it serves as an alternative if your Hearthstone is on cooldown or you still can’t acquire the skill to ride flying mounts in Northrend.

You can also get the quest Learning to Leave and Return: the Magical Way, which will allow you to use the Crystal beneath Dalaran for future travels.

That is until you get Cold Weather Flying and then you won’t really need it.

Buy Tome of Cold Weather Flight On Your Main

The other alternative to get to Dalaran is if you have a character that already has the Cold Weather Flying ability unlocked and is level 80. You can then buy the Tome of Cold Weather Flight heirloom item and send it to your alt. Heirloom items are account-wide, and you can even send them to characters on the opposing faction.

The tome can be sent to characters that are level 68+, meaning that it can fly in Northrend straight away.

Note: It’s possible that the heirloom will not be available until later phases in WotLK Classic.

Press 123 For Summon

Another way to get to Dalaran is to ask a friendly warlock for a summon. This will require three two clickers as well, though.

And that’s all of the ways we know for getting to Dalaran in WotLK Classic. If you know of any different ways, please let us know in the comments down below!

Find out more about WotLK classic on Blizzard’s official classic site.

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