How to link your Harry Potter Fan Club and WB Games Account for Hogwarts Legacy

You can finally live out your dream of that immersive Hogwarts experience in Hogwarts Legacy, as you’re sorted into your proper House and chosen by your personalized wand and patronus. You can get a headstart on your Hogwarts Legacy journey by linking all your accounts and claiming some exclusive rewards you can customize your character with in-game. Here’s how to connect them!

How to connect accounts in Hogwarts Legacy

To begin your Hogwarts Legacy adventure, you must first link your account to a WB Games account and a Harry Potter Fan Club account. These will help you get sorted into your suitable house along with personalizing your own wand and patronus. Linking these are quick and simple, but you’ll have to navigate to the official Legacy Connect site to begin the steps. You can scan the QR code that it prompts at the beginning of the game or click the link.

Once there, you will have to complete the following steps to link your accounts:

  1. Create a Harry Potter Fans Club account or log in to an existing account.
  2. Take a quiz to get sorted into a Hogwarts House.
  3. Take a quiz to discover your wand type.
  4. Link to a WB Games account.
  5. Under the Connections page on WB Games, connect to the platform you are playing the game, such as Steam, Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox.

After completing the following steps, you should be all setup and ready to dive into the experience. You can also find some exclusive rewards waiting for you in your inventory after the initial start sequence.

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All WB Games Account Rewards

Connecting your account not only allows for a more personalized experience but offers some fun exclusive rewards you can claim inside the game.

  • The House Fan-atic School Robe (For your sorted house)
  • Beaked Skull Mask

These items will available in your inventory as soon as you get past the initial start sequence of the game. You will also be able to see your proper wand and patronus that you acquired while setting up your Fan Club profile.

Can you change your Hogwarts House even after sorted?

Once you set up your Fan Club profile and link to WB Games, your House, and personalized wand and patronus will automatically be linked to your Hogwarts Legacy account. However, this doesn’t mean you are locked into that specific House or equipment. You can still choose the House you’d prefer at the Sorting Hat, much like Harry did himself. You are also capable of unlinking and relinking accounts at any time, so if you’d prefer to try the quizzes again, you can. If you have any issues, you can also submit a ticket to support for help receiving your rewards or linking issues.

Now that you’ve connected all the proper accounts and prepared all your personalized information, you are ready to dive into the magical realm of Hogwarts. Don’t forget to try on those exclusive rewards to wander the grounds in style.

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