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While someone is sharing their screen, click Ask to Control . Click Request on the dialog box that displays. If the request is accepted, click Take control. You can now control their screen.

Can I control another computer with Webex?

When you’re sharing your screen in a call or in a space with one other person, click Request control , select the name and then click Request after you’ve read the prompt. If the person accepts your request, you can then control their shared screen. Either side can control the mouse.

Can I use Webex for remote access?

Once you install the Webex Remote Access Agent on a remote computer, the agent automatically logs the computer in to the Remote Access network. If you log the computer out from the network, log it in again to access the computer remotely.

How do I enable remote computer on Webex?

From the customer view in, go to Services. Select Calling > Client Settings. From In-call experience, select the following toggles to enable or disable RDC default settings: Request remote control—Allow users to request and gain control of others’ shared content.

How do I request control of another computer?

How Can I Remotely Access Another Computer For Free? the Start Window. Type in and enter remote settings into the Cortana search box. Select Allow Remote PC access to your computer. Click the Remote tab on the System Properties window. Click Allow remote desktop connection Manager to this computer.

How do I give access to someone in Webex?

Under My Calendars, click the More options icon next to Calendar, and then select Sharing and permissions. Enter the name or email address of the person you want to add as a delegate. Select Delegate from the permissions drop-down menu, and then click Share.

How do I restrict Webex meeting participants?

Go to Meetings and click Schedule. Enter the details for your meeting. In the Show advanced options > Scheduling Options > Unlocked meetings section, check Guests can’t join the meeting. This will ensure that the attendees of the meeting need to sign in to the Webex site before joining the meeting.

What is Webex access anywhere?

Set Cisco Webex Access Anywhere Options. Access Anywhere allows you to remotely access your PC from any supported Windows operating system. Require Approval to Set Up Access Anywhere.

Does Google meet have remote control?

Unfortunately Google Meet does not have a built-in option to give remote control over to another person. Thankfully Google has provided an incredibly simple tool that can be used right along with Google Meet to accomplish this. That tool is called Chrome Remote Desktop.

How do I use Webex on my Macbook Pro?

Joining a Webex Meeting on Mac From your desktop, click “Go” -> “Applications” Double click on Cisco Webex Meetings. If you’re prompted to sign in, click “Use as guest” Open the Webex invitation email and copy the meeting number into the Webex app. Copy the meeting password from the email and enter it into the Webex app.

How do you send Ctrl Alt Del in Webex?

On the Meeting Controls Panel, select the down arrow and then select Send Ctrl+Alt+Del .

What is remote access agent?

The Remote Access Agent logs the remote computer in to the Remote Access network. The Webex Remote Access – Available icon appears on the remote computer’s taskbar. The computer, represented by the computer icon on the Manage Groups page, appears in the Root group. The computer is now available for remote access.

What is the alternative for TeamViewer?

Webex Remote A great alternative to TeamViewer, Webex Remote makes it easy to transfer files, keep pace with regulatory changes, and manage company software, thereby reducing maintenance delays. With its free version, users can hold online meetings with up to two other participants.

How do I host Webex without permission?

To enable Join Before Host for a host account: Log in to your Webex Site Administration page. Click on User Management > Edit User. Enter search criteria for the host account in the User name: or Email: field, then click the Search button. Click on the name link of the host account.

How do you kick someone out of Webex?

During the meeting, click to access the participants list and then right-click the person’s name to remove them: Click Remove from Meeting to remove someone from a Webex scheduled meeting or a Webex Personal Room meeting, or to remove a guest from a meeting associated with a space.

Is Webex safer than zoom?

Both Webex and Zoom offer solutions that are highly secure and reliable. Features such as encryption and user authentication optimize the security of both video conferencing platforms. What’s more, both offer security control when it comes to desktop sharing. Both encrypt meetings, transmission and storage.

What happens if you lock a Webex meeting?

Lock your Webex scheduled and Personal Room meetings to keep uninvited people from joining. When you lock your meeting, it prevents more attendees from joining until you admit them. You can lock or unlock the meeting at any time while the session is in progress.

How do I install Webex on my computer?

Click on the Download button below Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop app.The Webex Events or Webex Training Downloads page appears. In the Webex Events or Webex Training section, select your your operating system from the menu. Click on the Download button. In the window that appears, click on the Save File / Save button.

How do I contact Cisco Webex?

+1 866-229-3239.

Does Google Hangouts allow remote control?

Google has added a new remote desktop feature to Hangouts. This means you can video chat, troubleshoot, and control a friend’s computer right in the same window. To start using the remote desktop feature, load up a Hangout and then head into View More Apps > Add Apps > Hangouts Remote Desktop.

How do I let others control my screen on Google?

Share your screen in Google Meet in 2 steps: Once you are in a meeting, tap on the Present Screen option present at the bottom right. You can now choose how you want to share the screen, Your
Entire Screen, or A Window. In the former option, every window on your screen will appear to participants.

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