How To Use Koraidon And Miraidon’s Traversal Abilities

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet does a lot to change the regular formula of Pokémon games up until this point. With the massive open world you have access to, these legendary Pokémon are given to players as mounts they can use to explore the island of Paldea much easier than on foot.

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While initially given these Pokémon in a weaker state, you can unlock their different traversal abilities throughout the game. With these abilities, you’ll eventually be able to open up the entire map and climb, swim, or fly wherever your want to go.

How To Use Koraidon & Miraidon

Players are given these Pokémon in their respective games early on as they travel to the school for the first time. The Pokémon is very weak and helps players through a small cave system after being fed a sandwich. After the cave and a short conversation with Arven, players are given their legendary and Poké Ball.

Players will always be given access to this Pokémon, as they do not take up a party slot. These Pokémon will be unable to battle until after you have completed the game, but they act as a mount right after receiving them. To summon your legendary, press the “+” button to release them from their Poké Ball and immediately mount them. From here, move around using the left joystick, and move much faster than you would on foot.

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How To Upgrade Koraidon & Miraidon

When you initially receive these Pokémon, they are in their weakest state and can only move at one speed. Completing Titan battles around the map gives them various upgrades that help them traverse the world faster and more efficiently.

  • Dashing: This ability can be obtained by beating the Stony Cliff Titan. Dashing can be done while mounted by pressing down on the left joystick while moving forward. Players should aim at obtaining this upgrade as soon as possible — there are many long trips ahead of them that this ability will help speed up.
  • Swimming: This ability can be obtained by beating the Open Sky Titan. Whenever your legendary gets into water, it can now swim automatically. This is done using the left joystick for swimming in the many bodies of water around the map.
  • Jump Higher: This ability can be obtained by beating the Lurking Steel Titan. Holding down “B” when jumping will allow your legendary to jump much higher than before. This will allow you to either jump higher or for longer distances. By pressing “B” quickly, you’ll jump regularly.
  • Gliding: This ability can be obtained by beating the Quaking Earth Titan. By pressing “B” when in the air, your legendary will spread its wings and glide for a far distance. Pressing “B” again will cause you to fall, but you will take no fall damage.
  • Climb Surfaces: This ability can be obtained by beating the False Dragon Titan. Press “B” to jump into a wall you’re facing, and your legendary will latch on and climb the surface. This can allow you to scale mountains and forge your own paths easily. Pressing “B” again will cause your legendary to let go and drop you back to the ground.

With these upgrades, the island of Paldea will significantly open up. Gliding and climbing are some of the better abilities, but they are trapped behind much stronger Titan battles. Focusing on Titan battles throughout the game will help players find new areas to train and find unique Pokémon they wouldn’t usually be able to reach.

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