How to Use Picture-in-Picture in Chrome Guide

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Check How to Use Picture-in-Picture in Chrome

Sometimes you just want to watch a little Netflix while going through spreadsheets on your laptop. If you don’t have enough space on your screen for work and TV, you can use picture-in-picture to overlay a short video on top of your browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Sure, you can just drag a tab and resize it to suit your needs, but the picture-in-picture will always be on top of your other windows, even when you’re doing something else. This feature makes it a bit easier to manage if you have limited screen space. Plus, it’s very quick to deploy when you need it. Here’s how to use it in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

What is Picture in Picture in Chrome?

Google’s Chrome browser may be the most popular way to browse the web for a number of reasons, but one of them is its rich feature set. Picture in picture is just one of them, and it makes it possible to have a floating window that displays any type of content you want in addition to whatever else you’re doing.

This means that you could play a YouTube video in the bottom corner of the screen while you work or play in the main window. It’s not just for entertainment, either. It can be useful if you are trying to learn how to do something on your PC without having to pause and minimize the video to do it.

Update Chrome to support picture in picture

To get started with PiP, you must be running Chrome 70 or later. Chrome should update automatically, but if it doesn’t for some reason, you should see an arrow in the top right corner of the screen. Select it, then select Update Google Chrome to update to the latest version. To confirm you’re running version 70 or later, select the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner, then go to Help > About Google Chrome. You will then be taken to a page detailing the version number of your browser.

Open a floating PiP window in Chrome

  • Once you’re sure you’re running the latest version of the Chrome browser, you can take full advantage of PiP mode.
  • Use Chrome to navigate to the video you want to run in PiP mode.
  • Right-click on the video, then select Picture-in-Picture from the menu that appears. If it’s a YouTube video, right click twice.
  • The video will appear in its own window that floats in front of everything else. You can select and drag it where you want to place it, as well as select and drag one of the borders to resize the window.
  • If you want to return to your normal browsing window, hover over the PiP video and select the X in the top right corner to close it. The video will then stop and can be viewed again in the original browser window. Alternatively, close the original video tab and it will also close the PiP video.

    Enable Picture-in-Picture in Chrome OS

    If you’re using a Chromebook or Chrome OS 2-in-1 like Google’s new Pixel Slate, you’ll need to jump through a couple extra hoops to enjoy picture-in-picture videos:

    • Go to the Chrome extensions store.
    • Use the search box to search for “Picture in Picture”.
    • Look for an extension called Picture-in-Picture Extension (from Google).
    • Click Add to Chrome.
    • Click Add Extension.
    • Find a video you want to watch.
    • Click the picture-in-picture icon on the Chrome toolbar.
    • The video will appear and continue to play as long as you have different programs open.

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