How Transfer Authy App to a New Phone 2022 Guide

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Twilio Authy was created to help businesses improve their cybersecurity without overly complicating the login procedure. Authy offers 2FA account security for individuals, small businesses, and enterprise-level organizations. Short Message Service (SMS), email, phone calls, and desktop and mobile apps are all options for authentication. Up to 100 authentications per month with Authy are free. Plus, if you’re a large customer with 10,000+ monthly authentications, you can negotiate volume pricing or pay as you go.

How to transfer the Authy app to a new phone

Enable multi-device

To transfer, the Multi-Device option must be enabled. It is disabled by default. To enable Multi-Device, on your old device, open Authy and select “Settings” (on iOS) or the three vertical dots and then “Settings” (on Android). For iOS, select the “Devices” tab located at the bottom of your screen. For Android, you’ll find the same tab near the top of the screen. Once under the tab, select “Allow multi-device” to enable the toggle.

Download Authy on the new phone

On your new device, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download Authy.

Access Transfer

On your new phone, open the Authy app you just downloaded. When you open for the first time, a page will appear asking for your phone number. Enter your phone number and a new message will appear asking you to verify your account using your old device, by phone or by SMS. Since using an existing phone is the easiest and safest method, we’ll use it with that in these steps. mSelect the “Use Existing Device” option and a new prompt will ask you to wait for approval. On your old phone, a notification will appear asking you to approve the new device. When you receive this message, select the “Accept” option, which displays a new pop-up asking you to enter “Yes” (on iOS) or “Accept” (on Android). Enter the text and select “OK”, and after a few seconds, your new device will have access to your account and your tokens will be loaded.

Unlock your database

When your tokens are loaded for the first time, you will notice that all of your accounts have a small red lock next to their name. This icon indicates that these accounts are encrypted and require an access code to be entered before they can be accessed. Select any account and the “Decrypt Accounts” page will appear. Enter your password (the one you created when you first signed up for Authy) and select the “decrypt account” button. Once done successfully with the correct password, you will no longer see the red padlocks and you will be able to see all the tokens in your account again.

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