Ice bucket challenge Wallflower! by charlieXe on DeviantArt

“The ice bucket challenge was a very popular challenge a couple of years ago. However, in our company: “Doppynator”, it’s a rule to do this challenge to all new members of our exclusive set of workers. Our newest member, Wallflower, has been put to the strictest of standards to perform this challenge, and she nailed it. Welcome to the “Doppynator” family!”

I hope you have a wonderful week! My week has not been the best: from Monday I have serious issues with my internet, and apparently my provider does nothing to solve it! I uploaded this image with the internet of my cell phone, but I hope that soon they can find the error and fix it. Anyway, I’ll do my best to that it doesn’t affect my drawing schedule :) – I appreciate your understanding guys! I hope you liked the drawing! :D. By the way, yes, welcome back Wallflower!! 
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