Is Destiny 2 Down? How to Check Destiny 2 Server Status

Wondering why you can’t connect to Destiny 2? In this guide, we’ll explain whether or not Destiny 2 is down, and how to check Destiny 2 server status so you know when you can continue to grind out that loot.

Are Destiny 2 Servers Down?

Following a 24-hour period of downtime on Jan. 24 and leading into the early hours of Jan. 25, Destiny 2’s servers are no longer down. Players can hop back into the game, but you should be warned that any progress made since the weekly reset yesterday will have been lost, as Bungie had to perform an account roll back following a number of issues that came as part of the update. Also, Blue Engrams which were supposed to be removed, have lived to see another day… for now.

The issues on Jan. 24 were causing certain Triumphs, Seals and Catalysts to lose progress according to Bungie’s official Twitter.

How to Check Destiny 2 Server Status

The best and quickest way to see if Destiny 2 is down is to visit the official Destiny 2 Status page. Even if the game is down, the status page will be updated frequently to keep users up to date on what is going on.

If something is wrong, for example, if you were visiting the page on March 29, you’d see some messages that look like this.

You can check back whenever you want or need to see what the latest update is from the development team working on getting the servers back online.

It’s worth noting that Bungie will also note on this page when the servers are going off for scheduled downtime. If you don’t see anything on the server status page for Destiny 2 but are still having issues, you might want to check your own internet connection, as the connectivity issue might be on your end.

Finally, you can always check the Bungie Help Twitter account to see if Bungie is aware of an immediate issue with the servers, such as an error code affecting a group of players.

That’s everything you need to know on whether Destiny 2 is down right now, and how to check server status. For more on the game, be sure to check out the rest of Twinfinite, as there’s plenty of guides, news, and features for you to enjoy.

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