Is it better to play Hogwarts Legacy on PC or PS5?

Hogwarts Legacy is a wizarding open-world RPG. Hogwarts Legacy is releasing across all platforms with available editions and pre-order bonuses. Players will need to choose a platform to purchase the game, which can be challenging, especially when you have a PlayStation 5 and PC capable of running the game. Is it better to play Hogwarts Legacy on PC or PS5?

What are the differences between PC and PS5 for Hogwarts Legacy?

When choosing a platform, there are multiple things to consider, such as pre-order bonuses, platform differences, and performance capabilities. The pre-order bonuses for each edition across PC and PS5 are the same; however, the PS5 version receives the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop quest as exclusive content. This quest is currently only available on the PS5 version, and it is unclear if it will be released on other platforms in the future. 

A significant consideration when picking a platform is performance. The game’s PC version has reported minor performance issues; however, if you have a high-end machine capable of running the game on the recommended PC specs, you should have a smooth experience. The PS5 version contains five graphical modes, including fidelity and performance options. The multiple PS5 graphical options allow you to customize your gameplay experience while maintaining a high graphical quality experience.

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Should You Play Hogwarts Legacy on PC or PS5?

We recommend you play Hogwarts Legacy on PS5. The PS5 versions contain the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop exclusive quest and the simplicity of playing the game with high fidelity or performance, depending on your preference. The PC version is limited in this regard on your PC hardware. If you’re PC hardware rivals the PS5’s capability, consider the PC version; however, you will miss out on the exclusive quest.

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