Is Suzume no Tojimari Related to Weathering with You or Your Name?

Suzume no Tojimari is a fantasy adventure film that follows a mysterious young man and a teenage girl preventing disasters in Japan. The film is directed and written by Makoto Shinkai, the creator of Weathering with You and Your Name, so is Suzume no Tojimari related to Weathering with You or Your Name?

Before, fans noticed a connection between Your Name and Weathering with You and even some crossovers between the two films.


So, is there a chance that Makoto Shinkai did the same for the upcoming fantasy movie? If so, how will he connect the three movies?

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Do Suzume no Tojimari, Weathering with You, and Your Name Share the Same Universe?

There is no confirmation that all three movies take place in the same universe.

However, based on the trailer that was released for Suzume no Tojimari, it appears that the upcoming adventure film will also have the same concept as the two other movies, tackling issues about the environment.

Your Name tackled the 2011 Japan earthquake while Weathering with You emphasized the concerns regarding climate change.


The two movies also tried to cover issues in society which add color to both films.

There was also a cameo by Your Name’s Mitsuha and Taki in Weathering with You, prompting fans to look forward to another possible cameo in Suzume no Tojimari.

If this happens, fans of Weathering with You might see Hodaka and Hina’s future or older versions in the upcoming film.

What Is Suzume no Tojimari About?

Suzume no Tojimari is about a 17-year-old girl named Suzume who is from a town in the Kyushu region.


One day, she encounters a man looking for a door. She decided to help him, leading the two of them to travel together. They eventually found an old door in the mountains.

She reached out and was pulled inside and activated the “Doors of Disaster” in Japan.

From the name itself, several disasters and unfortunate events happened after the said incident.

As these were happening, Suzume decided to find the other “Doors of Disaster” and close them to end the disasters and bring back peace in Japan.

Knowing Makoto Shinkai, interested viewers may anticipate other issues to be tackled in the movie such as Suzume’s maturity and freedom.

The movie is set to release in November 2022 in Japan, and it will be released internationally in 2023.


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