Japan Plans to Tag PS5 Consoles Sold by Scalpers | ‘Large Cross’ Allegedly Used to Marks Devices

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Japan now has a way to combat PS5 scalpers through tagging PS5 consoles. Buyers will allegedly be getting a “large cross,” which signifies a used item, marked on their consoles when they buy a device from scalpers.

GEO and Nojima Denki

According to an article from VGC, Japan-based retailers GEO and Nojima Denki are now implementing new policies in order to fight against scalping. Nojima Denki is now reportedly using a simple marker in order to write the buyer’s name on the side of any PS5’s box while also going a bit further by destroying the controller packaging.

GEO is allegedly taking a much stronger approach by putting a marking on the inside of every console’s box. This means buyers will be getting a “large cross” on the controller’s packaging in order to identify that it is a used console and not a brand-new one straight from the shelf.

Different Solutions Towards PS5 Scalpers

According to the story by TechSpot, these strategies really are very interesting. As of the moment, it’s hard to say how they will be able to work when it comes to combating scalpers. They sure are a clever lot, however, and will almost certainly find a way throughout the dilemma.

The solutions could also be ineffective and be ignored by the scalping business if it won’t be able to make that much of an impact. With that being said, Nojima Denkin’s solution really seems a little more practical compared to GEO’s.

Putting Pressure on Resellers

The publication said that as far as they can tell, the theory is actually that a scalper could have a hard time reselling a device for quite an exorbitant price if their own name is put on the side of the packaging. The publication noted that perhaps a wary buyer could think that the console is stolen and ask for a refund or return the console, or it could be that buyers would just simply clean the box.

Of course, since this particular rule will apply to everyone and not just scalpers, others might not really be satisfied buying the PS5 console directly from Nojima Denkin. At the end of the day, the matter remains a complicated issue, but the companies still arguably deserve credit for looking for out of the box solutions for the issue.

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Online Queues and CAPTCHAs Not Working

The publication notes that it is clear that online queues aren’t working. This is due to bots being able to easily bypass them while legitimate customers get regularly kicked all the way to the back of the line.

CAPTCHAs also aren’t as effective anymore as sophisticated problems are now able to solve them. This results in some retailers like GEO and Nojima Denki looking to try a new approach towards combating scalpers from selling the much-in-demand PS5.

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