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Job Simulator is a virtual reality game that takes place in the near-future, when robots have completely dominated the human workforce. Playing as a visitor in a museum run by robots, you’ll experience four unique human jobs, spread out across dozens of small mini-games. Guided by the museum curator, you’ll spend a handful of hilarious hours filling in at four different human jobs. As you experience the ins and outs of human life, you’ll learn some fun (if factually inaccurate) stats about our workforce. By offering players easy-to-understand gameplay with a dose of colorful visuals and funny characters, Job Simulator is easily one of the best VR games you can buy.

Main Game Features

  • 4 occupations presented in bite-sized activities
  • Offbeat humor and dialogue
  • Highly replayable levels


Job Simulator takes place in the futuristic year of 2050, in a reality where robots are the only working-class left. Playing as a nameless robot, you can visit four unique virtual exhibits, where you step into the shoes of a common human worker.

Standing behind the counter or desk at your chosen workplace, you’ll complete a variety of tasks deemed appropriate for your position. Throughout each of the jobs, other robots act as your co-workers and management, providing some context for the life of an employee.

Apart from some funny jokes and a few gags, the story content in Job Simulator is simply the window-dressing for the entertaining VR gameplay. While the jobs themselves feel very distinct from each other, there’s nothing exceptionally unique about Job Simulator’s narrative. Don’t expect some riveting sci-fi tale about the downfall of mankind, as this is simply not The Terminator franchise. Instead, you should expect a leisurely adventure with a few chuckles along the way.


In terms of raw gameplay mechanics, there’s not a ton of complexity to Job Simulator. Regardless of the job you’re performing, your character has limited mobility and function. You can push, pull, and interact with nearly every item and piece of scenery you can touch, but you won’t be exploring any levels or slashing any swords. Instead, Job Simulator is more about tinkering with the tools in front of you per your instruction, while simultaneously screwing around and having fun.

There are four jobs to complete, placing you in the shoes of a chef, a cashier, a car mechanic, and an office worker. While the controls stay the same throughout, each job will have you performing dozens of small actions.

For example, working as a cashier will see you scanning lottery tickets, heating up hotdogs, and counting change. As the office worker, you’ll have to make some hiring decisions, check your email, and even do a bit of chatting by the water cooler. Generally speaking, the gameplay in Job Simulator is never challenging, offering a relaxed and silly trip through time.


Job Simulator might be a bit short and lack depth in both its story and gameplay, but the gleeful attitude and funny writing makes up for it. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a complete newbie, Job Simulator has easy-to-learn controls and offers simplistic activities that are entertaining as can be. If you’re new to the world of virtual reality, Job Simulator is also a great game for getting your “VR legs”, as the experience is slow-paced and easily played in short bursts. By offering a slew of fun interactions and silly objectives, Job Simulator ends up being an irreverent and offbeat adventure that’s totally worth experiencing.


  • Hilarious writing
  • Great concept
  • Lots of interactivity


  • Not enough levels
  • Gameplay lacks depth

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