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Make sure no one’s home, turn off the lights, and get ready for Lust Theory Season 2. A continuation from the first season, Lust Theory follows our 20-year-old protagonist as he lives through the same day over and over again and realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to get some tail. A visual novel that is very graphic, Lust Theory has a surprisingly good story and some unique characters that will have you reaching for tissues over and over again, and not because the game is sad.


As in season 1, this game functions as a visual novel. The player takes control of the voiceless protagonist and chooses exactly what they want him to do with is days. As it stands, the character is stuck in a time loop of which he cannot escape. Think House Party mixed with Groundhog Day: Like Father like Son but one that functions closer to A Wife And Mother. In any case, there is a surprising amount of detail in this game as it lets you live out the same day over and over again, allowing you to learn more and more and eventually be able to emotionally manipulate whoever you want into having sex with you by magically learning everything about them like some puss crazed ‘vagician.’ Is that a bit of a creepy prospect? Yeah but no one cares enough to judge you on it. Due to this key gameplay mechanic, the story itself takes on a new form as it replays daily, allowing you to discover new ways to get into the knickers.

Art Style

As you would expect, the art style in this game is absolutely stunning but that is something of a given for these 3D rendered visual novels. The character models are so crisp and clear that, if it weren’t for the outrageously perfect physical attributes (boobs and butts) they would seem real at some points. The set designs are also pretty stelar but I will confess they occasionally seem a little too clean or bare. Rooms sometimes lack a little bit of personality and that’s not necessarily a bad thing as you should probably be looking at all the sex but it is something that might play on your mind a little bit.

Character and Story

The story is a continuation from the last season and follows the same characters. I cannot spoil too much of it for you as it could lessen the general experience. I will say that the story itself progresses only as fast as you want it to, something that you would expect from a game that features a time loop. The characters are all well written and the dialogue doesn’t get too tiresome, if you give yourself the time to sit and get invested then you’ll have a good time. Don’t be too impatient and enjoy yourself.


This title makes a perfect addition to whatever dirty sexy game library that you may have. It’s got story, interesting game mechanic and a whole heaping helping of sex, what more could you ask for?


  • Good visuals
  • Great story
  • Brilliant characterization


  • Sometimes the story drags and you just want to get into it

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