Madonna’s ‘new face’ at Grammys 2023 fuels plastic surgery rumors

Madonna’s Grammys 2023 look consisted of a blazer with a matching skirt, but it was her ‘new face’ that left an impression on fans.

From Beyonce’s record-breaking 32nd Grammy to Kim Petras becoming the first trans artist to win an award, last night’s 65th Grammys was one for the books.

The music industry’s biggest names dressed to the nines, but it was Madonna’s androgynous look – and face – that had fans whispering.

Madonna, 64, wore a structured corset blazer with a tightly buttoned white shirt and tie, paired with a pleated floor-length skirt. Her hair was styled into two braid rings, while she jumped on the bleached eyebrow trend – you can’t say she’s not experimental!

Madonna’s ‘new face’ at Grammys 2023 confuses fans

The Vogue singer had noticeably smooth skin and plump lips for last night’s look, prompting rumors she may have gone under the knife.

“I really wish Madonna never touched her face,” a disappointed fan commented. “There really was no reason. She was going to age beautifully. She’s always been beautiful.”

Actor and Madonna fan, Damon Gonzalez, tweeted: “I’m all for cosmetic surgery but Madonna should have left her face alone after her last lift.

Her hair, makeup & eyebrows make her only look worse. The mother of reinvention needs an intervention. And yes, I’ll be paying 1,300 to see her at MSG this summer.” said another.

Many, however, are defending the Queen of Pop, claiming that the public shouldn’t comment on her appearance:

“It’s none of your business. It’s HER body. It’s HER choice. Quiet,” they demanded. “Your misogyny is showing. And none of y’all would have lasted a year in the music business. She’s lasted longer than some of you have been alive.”

Madonna is open to plastic surgery but is sick of discussing it

The singer has been the target of surgery speculation for years, and Madonna has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations – as she should.

She revealed in 2012, however, that she is open to a little help from doctors, but is “absolutely against having to discuss it,” according to Grazia.

It’s unfortunate that female celebrity bodies are consistently examined by the public, whether it be weight gain, loss, or surgery. The topic is a lose-lose situation as celebrities are either hailed for openly admitting procedures, or condemned for undergoing them in the first place.

That being said, male stars have also been under the harsh microscope.

Zac Efron has a noticeably different look from his High School Musical days as a teen heartthrob. The constant questions and accusations of fillers prompted the actor to admit going under the knife around the end of 2013 after a severe injury resulted in his chin bone “hanging off his face.”

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