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Dragons must be at least level 4 to be eligible for Trade. Some Dragons cannot be traded in the game and this is the intended design for the Dragon. Dragons that are level 4 or higher and are not eligible for Trade will not have an active Trade button.

in fact, Can you breed legendary dragons in Dragon City?

The Legend dragons consist of all of those dragons that have the Legend element. They are Legendary, Wind, Crystal, Mirror, Droconos, Nirobi, and Robin Hood. All but Robin Hood can be bred. To breed a Legend dragon, you need to use parent dragons with the Pure element.

for instance, Can you trade eggs in dragon City?

There are different trading pages specifically for different types of trades. Note: You must be at least level 35 to trade eggs.

indeed How do you get rid of dragons in dragon City?
How to sell a Dragon

  1. Tap on the habitat where the Dragon you want to sell is located.
  2. On the list of Dragons that pop up, select the Dragon.
  3. On this screen, you will find the « Sell » button.
  4. A confirmation pop up will appear to make sure you are making the right decision.

How do you get a legendary dragon on dragon City?

Breed Pure dragons to get the Legendary ones. » Just keep breeding them until you get a Legend.

What two dragons make a legacy dragon?

  • All the dragons used for breeding must have a certain rarity or being empowered enough. It must unlock the first egg! The first egg has been unlocked.
  • The best method to breed Legacy Dragon is by breeding two single element dragons with the element. (example: Legacy Dragon, Norse Dragon, Brainy Dragon etc).

What are pure dragons in Dragon City?

Pure Dragons

Choose your dragon to have its primary element immune or resistant to the opponent dragon’s elements, and your dragon’s secondary element supplying attacks that are critical to the opponent’s primary element.

How do I breed a waterfall dragon?


  1. The best method of breeding a Waterfall Dragon is breeding a Terra Dragon and a Sea Dragon together.
  2. The Waterfall Dragon can also be the result of breeding two Dragons with a and. Element together.

Can you trade with friends in Dragon City?

You can trade orbs for dragons, with others in your alliance.

Can you trade eggs in Roblox?

Usually, eggs are not sold in the catalog for a ROBUX price, but rather have to be found or achieved by playing a game. Each of the eggs has a badge that goes with them that you earn in game. Over the years some eggs have gone limited so they could be sold to other players.

How do you get free diamonds on Dragon City?

Another way to earn free gems is to compete in tournaments with other players. During a battle, you will need to select a dragon or team of dragons and pit them against another player. Win a pre-determined number of matches to gain a reward. The reward is listed before tournament begins.

What is the max level of dragons in dragon City?

This new building will let you increase the maximum level of your Dragons up to 70! And don’t worry, you won’t need more space for it, the Dragon Roost will replace all the previous Temples. (so actually gaining some more space!)


Can you get rid of caged dragons dragon City?

Select the cage and look at the bottom right corner of the screen – the option to clear appears in the same spot as the button to clear normal obstacles.

Why can’t I sell dragons in dragon City?

@cragger The option to sell the dragons just appears when you click on them. You have to be level 10 (player, not dragon) to sell.

What is the max level of dragons in Dragon City?

This new building will let you increase the maximum level of your Dragons up to 70! And don’t worry, you won’t need more space for it, the Dragon Roost will replace all the previous Temples. (so actually gaining some more space!)

What is the best legendary dragon in Dragon City?

1 durian dragon

The best mythical dragon is the Durian dragon because of its elements and damage amount. He is very strong legendary because of his 8450 total damage amount. He ranks two best category ten dragons; he is behind pure titan, which is rank 1.

How do I breed a crystal dragon?

Breeding. The Crystal Dragon can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Lightning and Earth elements at any Breeding Cave.

What is the weakest element in dragon City?

List of Dragon City Weakness and Resistance

  • Metal Element. Weaknesses: Electric. …
  • Ice Element. Weaknesses: Fire, Metal. …
  • Earth Element. Weaknesses: Ice, water, metal. …
  • Water Element. Weaknesses: Fire and Dark. …
  • Fire Element. Weaknesses: Water, electric. …
  • Plant Element. Weaknesses: Earth and Ice. …
  • Electric Element. Weaknesses: Water.

Can you breed a pure dragon?

You can breed any dragon with a pure element or any dragon with a light element. But you have to have a sanctuary level of 7 or over. Your best be is probably breeding a pure light dragon with a flame or terra dragon. Also, breeding a pure flame or terra dragon with a light dragon.

How much is the pure dragon?

Pure Dragon

Pure Dragon
Available In Shop
Price Sell



How do you breed an ice cube dragon?

Get a Icecube Dragon Quickest by Combining:

  1. Double Sea. Ice. 50.00% Expected Time: 13:00:00. …
  2. Thanksgiving. Ice. 50.00% …
  3. Blizzard. Ice. 44.44% …
  4. Fur. 22.22% Expected Time: 21:00:00. …
  5. Moon. 25.00% Expected Time: 22:00:00. …
  6. 22.22% Expected Time: 28:50:00. Parent Levels 20+
  7. Moose. 25.00% Expected Time: 29:00:00. …
  8. Clay. Ice. 25.00%

How do you trade a dragon orb?

First, you need to be part of an
Alliance as trading Orbs is ONLY available with your Alliance Members. You can create a new trade request by using 2 Essences or by accepting a request posted by another member of your Alliance by using 1 Essence (Same for all rarities!).

How do you get friends on Dragon City?

How can I invite my friends?

  1. Click on the “Menu” icon (bottom left corner).
  2. Click on the « Social » icon.
  3. You will see the list of social features so click the «  »INVITE » » button which is next to « SEND A GIFT »
  4. Select your friends and send the request to play the game.
  5. Your friend needs to accept this request.

How do you get dragon orbs in Dragon City?

To collect the almighty orbs you need to:

  1. Defeat other dragons in the arena battles to obtain the Warriors Chests.
  2. Participate in selected special events.

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