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The blocky story of Jesse and his pals continues in the long-awaited Minecraft Story Mode Season 2. In the same vein as previous Telltale Games adventures, this new season ups the ante in terms of narrative quality and quantity, bringing the charming world of one of the most popular games ever made to life once more.

A major triumph over the first season’s narrative shortcomings, Season 2 comes in all guns blazing, delivering a much more concise and interactive experience than before. While some of the humor still falls flat on its face, the much-improved character development and the new free-build sequences turn this into a Minecraft experience you won’t want to miss.

A Blocky New World

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 continues the tale of Jese and his friends, as they deal with the aftermath of the Wither Storm. Now that they’re famous heroes, our protagonists find that the life of a super celebrity is more complicated than they ever thought.

Much like The Wolf Among Us and the rest of the Telltale Games classics, Minecraft Story Mode is an interactive fiction adventure where the player has to choose dialogue options to progress the story. However, since this is a Minecraft game at its core, some changes had to be made to the Telltale formula.

Building and crafting, two of the most important parts of the Minecraft gameplay loop, are present in Story Mode to some extent. Additionally, action scenes are handled through quick time events, forcing players to react fast if they want to succeed. Finally, there are also many mini-games in which players need to use logic and problem-solving skills, such as searching for hidden items or deciphering riddles.

As with other Telltale games, these mechanics give players plenty of control over how their adventure unfolds. There are no strict linear paths; instead, the player can make decisions that will affect how the story plays out, what quests they pursue, and what consequences they encounter along the way.

Fun and Games

Contrary to The Walking Dead, Minecraft Story Mode has always had a more childish feel to it. This is due to its colorful aesthetic, its cartoony graphics, and the fact that the main characters spend most of their time playing and goofing around. Although the visuals have improved from the first season, the overall design looks very similar to the original Mojang game.

While some other Telltale Games won’t shy away from graphic violence, it’s clear that that was never the plan for Minecraft Story Mode Season 2. After all, this is Minecraft we’re talking about: a game where it’s virtually impossible to show violence in any capacity.

That doesn’t mean that there’s anything terrible about the plot of Minecraft Story Mode Season 2. On the contrary, the lack of violence allowed the writers of the game to think outside the box, delivering an amusing experience that manages to pull off some genuinely emotional moments.

Still, some of the humor in the game remains questionable. While some jokes land well, others fall flat and end up feeling forced and juvenile. In a game that’s clearly aimed at a younger audience, this is more than passable.


Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 elevates the Telltale formula, expanding the world of Minecraft to shiny new heights and delivering a genuinely emotional adventure that’s perfect for young players.


  • A more concise narrative and gameplay experience than the first season
  • Tons of Minecraft easter eggs and cameos
  • Great branching story invites multiple playthroughs


  • Some of the jokes don’t land
  • Minor performance hiccups

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