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Last time I updated the precedent journal, I said this person had a total of six accounts, yes, six accounts to steal art, complimenting themselves, and pretending to be “a group of friends that together do very cool anime art” (of characters they don’t even know, had to say that); man was I wrong.This person, at the time of writing this, and I’m sure I will need to update it again in the future, has NINE accounts, YES, NINE ACCOUNTS to steal art, quite the work if you ask me, with all that time spent in doing that they could have actually started to learn art, but no of course not, “why learn art when I can steal it?” said no one ever, and now I’m going to explain to you why I’m 99.99% sure they are all the same person.Now, which one even are the accounts I’m talking about? I’ll list here all the ones I could find so far: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected], I’ll show here all my reasons on why I’m this sure this art thief has nine accounts. Let’s start with the most obvious part, their names, most of them are either almost identical or extremely similar to one another, almost all their names are anime or art related: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] besides for some exception: [email protected] [email protected] on the second point, their “about” informations they all share: ,If you put your finger or hand over their names you wouldn’t even tell them apart, as if they were the same person, spoiler: it’s because they are.Third point, the type of art they steal, let’s take a quick look at their gallery, luckily most of their accounts are still empty somehow: ,As you can see, the type of art they steal are super plain anime school girls with some albinos and pink haired ones, it happens rarely they stole fanart about anime boys.Fourth point, their favourites, no matter what deviation it is you can always find all these accounts faving each other and commenting on how much they all are the original artists of that fanart, they aren’t even good at lying smh.Last point, their bad grammar and descriptions. Let’s take a look at this stolen fanart, mainly to the description now shall we:“Sorry for not uploading a anime artwork of mines hope you like the anime artwork. it take so long to make this anime lighting in poses for the anime character I made. that’s why I didn’t uploaded because I was making a artwork. I will make more anime later time to time in the future hope you say safe out people. you want to make a hololive characters comment down below. Are keep up with my anime artwork ❤️ see more on the other artwork I will make. My anime characters is Amy in venti”Now, what’s wrong with this description exactly? Everything, actually: -Grammar and lexical errors, there are a lot of repetitions of the same words, mainly “my anime artwork”, as if they are trying to convince you they did it instead of the original artist lmao.-No credits of the software whatsoever, this person is convinced art grow on trees, if they were the original artist why didn’t they say the software they used and how much time it took to make it? I’ll tell you why, ’cause they didn’t, they have no clue how art is made but they are trying real hard to fool you, pretty poorly.-No credits of their other social medias whatsoever, do you think an artist this talented wouldn’t have a Patreon, Fiverr, YouTube or Ko-fi account to support themselves already? They didn’t credit those because they have no idea who the original artist is and what even are these platforms to begin with.Let’s check another one of their description, this one is of another of their alt account:“hope you like the anime artwork background by: me pillow art by: John book artwork by: Tim anime girl artwork by: Jerry hair artwork by: me eye artwork by: Zack white clothes work by: me color work by: Zack white cup work by: Jerry arm work by: Tim How many hours it takes is: it’s me about 5 to 10 minutes to take alot of people to help me out on this artwork ❤️ hope you like the anime work. we can’t find people to a anime shoes so we that draw because of that”I think this person confused 2D art with 3D here, also, who the heck are even supposed to be these people? No credits of their social medias? Nothing? Just the most random and generic English names in the planet randomly listed there? Is this person trying to bring their imaginative friends to life or something? Besides, when two or more people work together on a drawing it’s called “Collab”, but of course this person doesn’t know this because they know nothing about art in general. Again, no credits to any software, time or other social medias.I would have loved to show you how they deleted most of my comments where I credited the original artists, told them what they were doing is wrong and asked them to stop, but on that you need to trust on my words, which I know isn’t really a lot and I apology for tha. However, if you check this repost and look at the deleted replies of the comments, I can assure you that’s me crediting the original artist, those people can confirm that for you if you ask:’m gonna link this one as well because it’s funny:“ANIME girl having a panic” gurl I would also “have a panic” if my art get stolen like that. The only thing I can do now is to leave all the originals linked next to their repost, so even if they delete my comments again they are saved here, go report these reposts and tel them to stop, it’s ridiculous. Repost: Original: Original: Original: Original: Original: Original: (the actual original link was a Twitter one, but the original author deleted it, here you can find the high quality version of this art and the credit to the original artist❤️)Repost: Original: Original: Original: Original:!/im10867683Repost: Original: https://
Original: Original: Original: Original: Original: Original:’s the second Vocaloid fanart they reposted and they don’t even know who these characters … how sad.Repost: Original: Original: Original: Credited in this comment as well, if it gives you an error it means this person deleted it: Original: Credited in this comment as well, if it gives you an error it means this person deleted it: Original: Credited in this comment as well, if it gives you an error it means this person deleted it: Original: Credited in this comment as well, if it gives you an error it means this person deleted it: Original: Credited in this comment as well, if it gives you an error it means this person deleted it: and was also credited by AnimeDBZGokuMUI, same story for his comment, if it gives you an error it means “Zack” deleted it: Original: Credited in this comment as well, if it gives you an error it means this person deleted it: Original: Credited in this comment as well, if it gives you an error it means this person deleted it: Original: not found, you need to help me out with that. Repost: Original: not found, you need to help me out with that.Special thanks goes to these people who also either credited the original artists or told them to stop stealing, your collaboration hasn’t gone unnoticed ❤️: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected], So kids, what did we learn with this today? 1. Don’t steal art, 2. DON’T delete MY comments when I credit the original artists of the pieces you stole. 💞💞💞This journal took more time than usual to write, I wrote this while contacting all their watchers and people who faved their reposts, so now they can all go support the real artists or just stop supporting this fake, I’ll update it in the future with the new profiles this person will open and the stolen art they will repost.Sharing this journal either in your profile, in art groups or under the reposts of these accounts can really help a lot, I’ll do that as well right after publishing this (besides for the last one 😂). If you want you can still check the original journals I did about them before realizing they were the same person, tho they are outdated compared to this one: ,Beware of this art thief (they’ve 6 accounts)Aug 31, 2022You know the drill at this point, this person isBeware of Zackwhite6Aug 26, 2022Just like Makotoisthebest, they have stolen fanartPlease do not go harass this person, they are most likely just a kid and I’m wondering what they are doing online to begin with. If you are an artist please take your time to read these journals as well: ,Beware of leoroploploSep 23, 2022They stole a lot of anime related art andBeware of gdeceSep 23, 2022Another art thief, are we ene surprised at thisHow To Recognize An Art-ThiefSep 15, 2022In this journal I want to explain how to tellNew Admin(s) for 100millionPOINTSSep 13, 2022:points: :points: Hello everyone! :points:Beware of daveinathepinkcat [TRIGGER WARNING]Sep 10, 2022⚠️WARNING: THIS JOURNAL WILL BRIEFLY TOUCHBeware of SaFiTheShark Aug 6, 2022Every piece of their gallery is traced from NaomiBeware of 68playsAug 6, 2022Another anime/manga fanart art thief, he hasBeware of BreakdownloverAug 6, 2022To all the Undertale and Deltarune fans andBeware of D3s0cup4doJul 31, 2022This person is stealing, you guessed it, RoxanneBeware of BreinelJul 20, 2022I can’t believe it, guess what this person isBeware of FunkinBeat Jul 16, 2022Another art thief of Roxanne Wolf’s fanart. He’sBeware of Bot AccountsJul 19, 2022Bots are unfortunately a problem here on DA thatArtists CAN take down re-uploads! Jul 20, 2022Even if I have made a journal talking about how toThe Logic Behind Adopts Jul 21, 2022I think as an artist this is an intriguing topicAn Art-Thief asked me why stealing art is badJul 24, 2022″Stealing other people’s art is bad, always. YouNo preview availableWhat are Subscribers Badges and how to have themJun 24, 2022If you read my last journal you may knowHow to get the Mistery Egg and Blob BadgesJun 22, 2022Lately I have seen some profiles having badges IHow to deal with art theft and art thieves (+NFT)Jun 22, 2022Pov: you are an artist and your art is wellIf you want to support me. ^^,New Admin(s) for 100millionPOINTSSep 13, 2022:points: :points: Hello everyone! :points:Drawing + Modelling OCS, Waifus, Furry And More! Jul 8, 2022Friendly reminder that I have commissions open!All My Commissions in one JournalMay 10, 2022Hello everyone! I’m making this journal to explainMy Gallery RulesApr 13, 2022He
llo I’m doing this really quick journal toMy VRoid RulesMar 16, 2022Since I will put my models up to a p2u (pay toThis is all for now, have a nice rest of your day/night and remember to stay hydrated! 🦓🦄🌸💫✨


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