MMD Godzilla – Godzilla 1965 +DL+ by MMDCharizard on DeviantArt

UPDATE, 1/6/2019: Added two fist facials and an eye ctrl bone. Sorry about forgetting that last night XD Won’t happen again~!

Godzilla 1965, now in MMD~! And yes, of course I had to re-create the iconic “victory dance” Godzilla does XD
Up next: 1967 Godzilla

Models: Godzilla 1965 model created by Snake151, converted to PMX format by MMDCharizard, Rigging fixes and Facials by MMDCharizard.
Stage: Other Dimension Planet by Drifter-Dx, found here:…
Effects: PostPointMovie, ColorFilter_Contrast, ColorFilter_Greyscale, ColorFilter_Brightness, AbSSAO, and HqSSAO.
Model Rules: READ!… READ!!!!
Download: To the right under the Favorites.
Known Errors: As of right now, nothing has really shown up. Report any errors and I’ll be sure to fix the model up as best as I can.

Want this model for Blender? Then here’s the original model:…
Special thanks to AsylusGoji91 for the MMDCharizard Logo

That’s all, enjoy~
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