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I must admit that it took me a while into My Cute Roommate 2 because I went into the game expecting one kind of story and it was actually something else. The synopsis of this game that you will find online is pretty much wrong! That threw me off when I started the game, but eventually, I managed to roll with it as I just embraced how ridiculous the whole thing was and I did have some fun with it all. If you want a deep and engaging story in your lewd game, this is not for you. If you want something dumb, but with a lot of sex appeal, you will have fun with this game.

A Stranger In A Foreign Land

I am not sure what the heck went on with the story in My Cute Roommate 2! The synopsis makes it sound like you are going to have some kind of thing going on with an estranged cousin. That was not the story I experienced at all so I am not sure if the developer switched gears during development as the story is about you moving abroad and trying to fit in, in your new surroundings which feature a bunch of giant racked hotties!

It Has To Be An Act!

I can see why some people hate the story that My Cute Roommate 2 is telling. However, if you just go with it and laugh at the absurdity of it, you can actually have a really good time with this. The main character in this game is a freaking moron, we are talking Forrest Gump… actually scratch that he is more like Officer Doofy from the Scary Movie series! I get why some people hate a protagonist like this, but I just laughed at it.

That Magic Stick

Visually, My Cute Roommate 2 is pretty damn solid. You have some excellent looking character renders here and I liked how each girl had her own “thing” that she was into. There is a decent selection of XXX scenes for you to work your way towards. While the animations in the sex scenes are pretty short, they are done well and I thought they were done so well that it kept me playing the game wanting to see the next one.

Always On The Right Path

As far as lewd visual novel games/lewd sandbox games go, My Cute Roommate 2 is decent enough. There is certainly nothing here that is going to make you say wow, but at the very least there is not much if any grinding you have to worry about here, and the story always seem to move in the right direction no matter what you do. I got a kick out of how the main character was a complete moron and without any real redeeming personality traits, but because of what he had between his legs the ladies were powerless against him!


Is My Cute Roommate 2 the best lewd game that I have played? Heck no, this would not even be in the conversation. However, due to how dumb the main character was and the unashamed slutty nature of the majority of the female characters, I had some fun with this game and found it to be a mainly positive experience. It is not the kind of game I am going to go rushing back to, but as a one and done kind of game, I have certainly played much worse.


  • The game is dumb, but that made it more fun for me
  • It has some excellent character renders
  • The sex scenes happened at a decent rate
  • It is a great game if you want something easy to play through


  • The synopsis for the game is nothing like what it actually is!
  • The whole game while fun, is pretty forgettable

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