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Tool to capture video for streams

November 29, 2021

Thanks to YouTube, online video streams have become very popular and there are several different platforms that have tried to follow suit, as is the case of Twitch or Mixer. With creating contents for these platforms in mind, we can make use of OBS Studio, a platform to capture and mix video in real time.

From video tutorials to live video games

This program allows us to capture images from different sources such as browser windows, webcams, our PC’s screen, etc., offering us, as a result, a professional-quality production that we can use for live streaming or share a pre-recorded video.

It’s an open-source program that offers us all the following features:

  • Capture images from different sources.
  • Configure an unlimited number of scenes that you can modify by means of transitions.
  • Intuitive sound mixer.
  • Power option configuration functions that allow us to add new sources, duplicate already existing ones or add properties.
  • A modular dock that allows us to configure the user interface to our own liking.
  • Possibility to configure shortcuts.
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