Pet Simulator X value list (January 2023)

January 27, 2023: We have checked over our information

Looking to trade your pets away from piles of diamonds? We have you covered with this Pet Simulator X value list. We’ll help you familiarise yourself with the fluctuating in-game costs of each pet in this ever-popular Roblox trading game to ensure you never get ripped off or scammed.


In the Roblox Pet Simulator X, most people focus on hatching eggs and selling the random virtual pets found inside until they can afford the ones they really want. However, before heading into the trading procedure, it is very important that you are acquainted with the valuation of various pets and eggs.

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If you’ve mastered the markets, why not make your mark on other Roblox games? Check out our Anime Punching Simulator codes for some freebies, learn about Adopt Me codes, or even go competitive with our Anime Adventures tier list Looking for a big pet? Read up on how to get Huge Cupcake in Pet Simulator X. It’ll fetch a pretty penny.

Pet Simulator X value list – Doodle World 2023 pets and prices

Pet Regular Gold Rainbow Dark Matter
Doodle Monkey 60M 250M 800M 3B
Doodle Mouse 30M 80M 375M 1.6B
Doodle Parrot 1.5B 3B 7B 30B
Huge Doodle Cat
Huge Squirrel

There are still pets that do not have values or have fluctuating prices as of now, but we will keep this article updated, so return from time to time to know the most up-to-date values.

Pet Simulator X value list – New Years 2023 pets and prices

Pet Regular Gold Rainbow Dark Matter
Huge Party Crown Ducky 750B 2T 8.5T
Titanic Balloon Monkey 80T
Balloon Dragon 450M
Balloon Corgi 600M
Balloon Axolotl 750M
Big Maskot 25B
Neon Twilight Wolf 60B
Super Capybara 2B
Party Cat 400M 3B
Party Crown Ducky 300M
Party Crown Corgi 450M 3.5B
Party Crown Elephant 650M

Though prices are expected to drop rapidly, we’ve gone ahead and liste
d some early prices of the PSX New Years 2023 lineup, including the Party Crown Ducky, Corgi, and Elephant. We’ve listed the Huge Party Crown Ducky as well.


Pet Simulator X value list – Christmas pets and prices

A surprise Easter update has brought 17 new pets to the game, including a few Huge new exclusive pets. We’ve placed the approximate values of many of them above but they will change a lot over the following months.

However, the Halloween 2022 update hasn’t added any brand-new pets. As such, we didn’t need to change our value list.

You can learn how to get your own Pet Simulator X Easter update pets with our new guide. We even go over how to get the Huge Easter Cat in Pet Simulator X in a standalone guide.

Pet Simulator X Value List – Pixel Pets Prices

This list is still very much in progress, but here’s what you can expect to get for a few of the Rainbow Pixel pets in the latest Pet Simulator X update. For info on how to get them, our Pet Simulator X pets list has all the info.


Pet Simulator X Value List – Exclusive Pets

The ‘Exclusive Pets’ category of the Pet Simulator X value list is for pets that can’t easily be obtained by any means other than trading. These pets were either available through the Robux shop only at some point, or are obtained in ways other than eggs.

Pet Simulator X Value List – Mythical Pets

Right now, the most popular (and thus valuable) Mythical pet in Pet Simulator X is the Angelus, which fetches a price of around 120,000,000 in its Rainbow variant. The other two Mythical pets are worth many times less.

Pet Simulator X Value List – Legendary Pets

Of the wide range of Legendary pets available in Pet Simulator X right now, the Empyrean Dragon is by far the most valuable. Attracting prices of around 4,000,000 in its Rainbow state, it’s worth double that of the next best—the Pegasus. After that, the Hound of Hades and Agony are matched at their rarest, but the Hound of Hades fetches more at lower rarities.


Pet Simulator X Value List – Epic Pets

Featuring classic pets like the ‘Noob’, the Pet Simulator X Epic rarity costs are quite a bit below that of the next tier up, but they can make you a millionaire. If you’re hoping to strike it rich with one of these pulls from an egg, you’ll want the Empyrean Stallion or Empyrean Fox. If they’re Rainbow, they can fetch prices of around 1,000,000 and 1,200,000 respectively.

Pet Simulator X Value List – Basic Pets

If you’re just getting started in Pet Simulator X, offloading some of the rarer Basic pets can get you off on the right foot. Right now, it’s the Dove you’ll want to look out for. If you manage to score a Rainbow version of the beautiful bird, you can get around 300,000 for it. That’s not a bad start at all.


When do Pet Simulator X values change?

Considering the vast number of animals featured in Pet Simulator X, the valuation of many of the animals changes over time.

The best method to stay updated about any such changes is by actively following the official Roblox group of Pet Simulator X. We update this list regularly to match the average values players offer, request, and accept in-game, so you probably should consider pressing Ctrl+D and adding a bookmark to this page.

Checking back regularly for the latest values will definitely keep you ahead of the curve in Pet Simulator X.

How do I Pet Simulator X?

In case you have never given the game a try, don’t worry. You will simply need to head over to the official Pet Simulator X page on Roblox and click on the green play button to start collecting coins and hatching new pets.


And that’s it for the Pet Simulator X value list. If you want to make a start in anime games with a unique pet aspect, Anime Clicker codes and Clicker Simulator codes are worth checking out. And with pet updates teased for other games as well, getting in early with Anime Dimensions codes and Magnet Simulator 2 codes is recommended.

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