Phoenix OS 3.6 – Download for PC Free

Operating system to play Android videogames in your PC

October 12, 2019

Android is the most widely used operating system worldwide and it is present in millions and millions of devices. This has favored its development and the growth in the offer of applications and games that work with it. Videogames are precisely one of its strengths, since we can exclusively find hundreds of thousands of them.

Android games in PC

Phoenix OS is an operating system based in Android 7.1 that was designed to be installed and run in a computer. It offers a user environment similar to that of a desktop operating system, which supports multiple windows and mouse controllers, gamepad and keyboard. And it is developed to run Android games.

Likewise, its operation and interaction have been adapted to a computer, from the touch screen of mobile devices to controls like those we normally have in a PC: keyboard maps, use of the mouse to aim in action games, enabled right click … it also has different applications such as a free office automation suite and Evernote.

To run it you just have to install it and hit run. The computer will reboot and run Phoenix. Whenever you wish to log out, it will simply reboot and the PC will run Windows.

Download it now and enjoy the best Android games in your computer with a totally adapted environment.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 7.
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