Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Finally Explain How Pokemon Can Gain Ghost as a Secondary Type

As is the case with every generation, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gives players the chance to pick between three starters. Players that go with the Fire-type starter Fuecoco can train it up and eventually have a Skeledirge on their hands. Its Fire/Ghost dual-typing is good, and it also has access to the powerful signature move, Torch Song. The latest information on this creature also sheds light on Ghost-types in general and explains how some Pokemon may gain their secondary Ghost typing.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduce their fair share of new Ghost-types for fans of such creatures. This includes the dog Pokemon Houndstone, which learns the powerful move Last Respects, and Annihilape which is the latest addition to Mankey’s evolutionary line. All these new pocket monsters make for good new team members to use competitively, and they may share interesting details.

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Skeledirge Unravels the Mystery of Ghost-Type Pokemon

Of all the Pokemon types, Ghost is perhaps the most curious. Ghost-type Pokemon benefit from having Normal-type and Fighting-type immunity, which makes thematic sense because it is difficult to imagine how one would physically fight a ghost. The lore behind Ghost-type Pokemon has also captured the imagination of gamers, and in the past, the Pokedex has suggested that Ghost-types are created when Pokemon die. On the other hand, The Pokemon Company also avoids direct mentions of Pokemon dying.

This is the case with Annihilape, which is the final evolution of the Mankey evolutionary line. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Pokedex reveals that Primeape is an angry creature that gets so angry that it dies. With Primeape being a Fighting-type and Annihilape being a Fighting/Ghost dual-type, it appears that Annihilape is the evolved form of a Primeape that raged itself to death. Greavard is a new Gen 9 Pokemon introduced in Scarlet and Violet. It is a Ghost-type dog, and the Pokedex reveals that dog Pokemon that die without interacting with a human are reborn as a Greavard.

The idea that every Ghost-type creature is a dead Pokemon is a morbid thought, but some of the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet details suggest that this may not be the case for all Ghost-type creatures. On the Pokemon site, additional details are revealed about the three starters and their evolutions. Skeledirge is the final evolution of Fuecoco, and it looks like a crocodile with red and white scales and a flame bird on its snout. According to the Pokemon site, Skeledirge gains its Ghost powers through the soul inhabiting its flaming bird companion. The bird is a separate entity altogether, and it changes its form through Skeledirge’s singing voice.

Skeledirge Ties Together Many Themes

Thanks to Skeledirge, the question is finally answered – not all Pokemon gain a secondary Ghost typing by dying. There are other reasons to admire Skeledirge. The symbiotic relationship between the Pokemon and the flame creature is based on the relationship between crocodiles and the Egyptian plover. The crocodile opens its mouth and gets its teeth cleaned while the birds score an easy meal. Skeledirge also completes the entertainment theme of the final evolutions of the starters. While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Skeledirge represents a singer, Meowscarada looks like a performer, and Quaquaval resembles a dancer.

Though some mysteries may have been solved, plenty of questions still surround the Ghost-types. Creatures with this typing tend to be mischievous tricksters such as Haunter, or critters with sad backstories such as Mimikyu. With one mystery uncovered, it could open the door for Game Freak to reveal even more about these strange Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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