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I’m decent.


This is me

Me Gusta

That it 4 now m8

I’ve been known by many names over the years. From a Russian man made of steel, to a Thor fanboy in all caps. Now I am a diarrhea with regret behind me.

I live in a society.

There is no super secret “Illuminati” so stop asking about it. Doesn’t exist. Promise 🙂

When someone insults your favourite Roblox server-

Na sorry little boy :) The primary purpose of this website is to have fun and get into civilised discussions. As soon as someone like you comes along who initiates insecurity, the whole reason for this becomes moot. That's the primary difference between you and I. You are used to spouting out your insecurities by trading insults. That's probably the world you are used to. Or you are used to the complete opposite and this is your way of venting. My life is great. I have no need to begin my discussion by insulting someone. I've been brought up with positivity.

Storm’s lightning is better than Thor’s? THIS PROVES IT FOR SURE

“He’s the god of thunder. You know the difference between lightning and thunder right?”- jhazzroucher, 2018.

HARKEN! The divine fist of Thor one-shots the mighty jhazzroucher with a single blow.

Past accomplishments

HoF class of 2021

Daily Debater editor and chief commander

RT God

Storyteller of ye oldie days

Member of numerous CV groups: if it isn’t cringe, I’m in it, or was involved in some manner

That’s all!

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