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Real Boxing comes when translating the sport meaningfully to gaming has still been challenging. Sure, we’ve had plenty of boxing games, some more realistic than others. But we have yet to see a title that captures the essence of combat and brings the whole experience to life in an impactful way. This realistic ode to the sport attempts to do just that.

So even where prominent developers have attempted to win the hearts and minds of fighting fans in the video game world, most haven’t cut. Real Boxing is the latest contender to try and eat up the market with its finely developed, realistic approach to boxing. Will that practical perspective finally entice combat-ready players? Or will it join the pile of average releases?

Suns Out, Gloves Out

Boxing games are nothing new, but Real Boxing’s approach to gameplay hopes to shake up the sport’s typical representation in video games. The title will leverage the power of a AAA game engine to bring a realistic fighting environment, from combat to strategy. So is realism the missing link between an engaging fight on one that quickly becomes tedious and uninspired?

Let’s analyze the fight’s core mechanic to interpret that statement. Realism is fantastic, but real-world integrations can become frustrating in video games. That’s the unfortunate fact behind Real Boxing. Intricately managing how you exchange blows with your opponent becomes a bore. It should be an exhilarating combat arena.

The meticulous details of how you fight your opponent omit a lot of mechanics that could make Real Boxing a decent offering. There must be a way to get creative in your combat approach or strategize a victory against a more prominent foe. Sure, there’s an intriguing career mode where you can train your fighter to gain an edge. But who wants to sink hours into receptive fights and training when you could enjoy yourself more right in the battle?

Real Boxing looks tremendous but needs to hit the mark of what it set out to do. It seemed to realize during development that there are only a few boxing games to choose from. And providing a realistic game of the sport will still be the best compared to what’s on offer. That idea is pivotal to why the title needs more focus in many places.

Too Much of a Good Thing

If you don’t count some of the VR boxing titles out there, yes, Real Boxing is one of the better offerings. Still, film games like Creed: Rise to Glory provide a more entertaining experience than the title. It underlines that sometimes realism can drag down the fun factor in a game, as things get far too meticulous and ultimately frustrating for players.


The control mapping, uninspired third-person combat, and lack of diversity outside the primary fight contribute to an average appeal. It’s a game worth playing if you’re a boxing fan looking for a fix. But we’ll argue here that there are far better options to invest in if you can find them. Real Boxing needs to deliver on its promises.

Round-Up – Pros & Cons


  • Visually one of the best-looking boxing games available
  • Career mode paired with fighter customization can be immersive
  • Respect for the realistic approach to the sport


  • Controls are incredibly frustrating
  • Too much detail to the fight leaves combat uninspired
  • Game modes outside the main combat area aren’t that interesting

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