Rebirth Champions X Value List 2023 (February) The Best Pets

This is a Rebirth Champions X value list for each pet currently in the game. It has been created by the community and will be updated regularly.

The list is intended to give an overview of which are the best and rarest pets in the game.

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What do the Values Mean?

The value of each pet is based on how many Tokens they are estimated to be worth. Tokens are a new in-game currency that can be bought with Robux and traded for pets.

What is the most valuable pet in Rebirth Champions X?

The most valuable pet is currently the Mysterious 60M Destroyer.

Rebirth Champions X Value List

Updated June 27, 2022
Adjusted prices

This is the main value list. You can filter pets by rarity.

This list has been compiled by the Rebirth Champions X Discord community. Huge credit and thanks to them for putting the effort into making it!

O/C = Owner’s Choice for the price.

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