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Brings back Florence Nightingale. (Kid Eternity #2)

Brings back the entire Lafayette Escadrille Aerial unit. (Kid Eternity #13)

Scan 1/2- Apparently Eternity can summon fictional characters (like Sherlock Holmes as long as enough minds know about the character and the author described them with enough detail (Hit Comics #29)

Scan 1- Brings back the entire Greek pantheon from stagnation in order to gain the use of Cupid. This kinda shows just how powerful Eternity can be with his powers. (Kid Eternity #1)

Scan 2- This is also mentioned later in the run by a supernatural demon, showing it wasn’t just a one off gag. (Kid Eternity #13)

Eternity can also summon the likes of Thor and Apollo…so yeah. (Hit Comics #51)

Gets George Washington and his entire army to help out. (Kid Eternity #8)

Gets Robert Lee to help with tactics. (Kid Eternity #2)

Scan 1- He can also summon Achilles and other mythlogical figures, such as….. (Kid Eternity #3)

Scan 2- Atlas.

Scan 3- Mercury.

Scan 4- Athena. (Kid Eternity #16)

He can also summon back dead heroes to assist him. (JSA #1)

He can also summon the figures behind statues. (Kid Eternity #3)

In a panic, he summons multiple gods, fusing them together into a single deity by accident. He can summon multiple people, but this is a rare example of his powers malfunctioning. (Kid Eternity #7)

Summons a entire Roman army to fight. (Kid Eternity #3)

Summons a knight and a 30’s gangster from the dead. (Kid Eternity #1)

Summons Freud and Jung to help with his therapy in a exchange that lasts for two full issues. (Kid Eternity #2)

Summons King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. (Kid Eternity #4)

Summons King Midas, who has his gold touch like in myth. (Kid Eternity #14)

Summons Kole, a superhero who died during the Crisis. (Teen Titans #68)

Summons Neptune to help out with a fire. (Hit Comics #57)

Summons seven generations of Brother Blood, using them to kill the current one. (Teen Titans #31)

Summons the entire six hundred of the Light Brigade. (Kid Eternity #7)

Summons the soul of Nikola Tesla. (Kid Eternity #11)

The figures summoned can stay until Eternity calls them away, meaning they can stay forever until then, as what happens when he calls Jack the Ripper and forgets to send him back. (Kid Eternity #3)

Those who Eternity summons back usually have their equipment with them, as well as access to any of their inventions, like Alfred Nobel having dynamite on him. (Kid Eternity #7)

Uses the spirits of Perseus and Pegasus, Alexander The Great, and many more. Eternity can’t use these figures after they die the second time. (JSA #1)

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