Shindo Life spawn list and times (November 2022)

December 20, 2022: We’re prepping an updated Shindo Life spawn list with new item locations.

Keeping a Shindo Life spawn list handy on a second display or device can fast-track your meteoric rise to the heights of the Naruto-inspired Roblox adventure. As spawn times are strict and static, they’re predictable and easy to farm. With so many zones to explore as you level up, knowing what’s available around you can help build a collection in record time.


Keep the lists below nearby and you’ll always know what is spawning, when, and where to look for it. It takes the stress out of things for sure, and can quickly help get a new character up to speed.

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Shindo Life spawn list and times – Sub-abilities

Below, we’ve broken each Shindo Life sub-ability spawn time up by their category. You’ll find Mode, Martial Art, and Jutsu spawn times in their own separate table below. Use the ‘Find’ feature in your browser (typically CRTL+F) to jump straight to the specific one you’re after, or use the time column toggle to sort them by the current time so you can follow along.


Shindo Life mode spawn list and times

Item Location Time (EST)
Toad Cursed Spirit Tempest 1:20
Bat Cursed Spirit Forest of Embers 2:15
Spider Cursed Spirit Training Fields 2:20
Divination Spirit New Ember 2:20
Cobra Spirit Awaken Obelisk 2:35
Frog Spirit Awaken Ember 2:45
Mastered Frog Spirit Ember 2:45
Demonic Spirit Haze 2:45
Finite Strength Spirit Training Fields 2:45
Mao Tailed Spirit Nimbus 3:10
Su Tailed Spirit Dunes 3:30
Demon Gate Spirit Ember 3:30
Dunes Fate Spirit Dunes 4:30
Snail Spirit Awaken Obelisk 5:20
Ember Fate Spirit Ember 5:25
Captain Jokei Obelisk 5:30
Specialist Spirit Ember 5:35
Kor Tailed Spirit Ember 6:10
Haze Fate Spirit Haze 6:20
Heavenly Spirit Dunes 6:45
Chu Tailed Spirit Dunes 7:10
Obelisk Fate Spirit Obelisk 7:30
Cloak Spirit Nimbus 7:35
Cobra Stretch Mode Tempest 7:45
Nimbus Fate Spirit Nimbus 8:10
Gai Tailed Spirit Nimbus 8:25
Isu Tailed Spirit Haze 9:30
Sei Tailed Spirit Haze 10:10
Sun Tailed Spirit Obelisk 11:30
Ku Tailed Spirit Obelisk 12:10
Akuma Eternal Hand Ember 12:20
Reptile Cursed Spirit Storm 12:20

As the times in the Shindo Life spawn times lists above are in EST, you’ll want to convert them to your local time before going on the hunt. This can be done easily in a search e
ngine like Google. For example, for the Toad Cursed Spirit, which spawns at 01:20/13:20 EST, just search something like “01:20 EST local time” to find what time it will spawn for you.

Shindo Life marital art spawn list and times

Shindo Life jutsu spawn list and times


Shindo Life spawn list and times – Ninja tools

Lastly, you’re going to want to outfit your ninja with the best tools and weapons. Beyond the odd potion you can pick up at vendors, various ninja tools, from throwable Ice Shuriken to the lovable Bomb Blade, can be found for free all around the Shindo Life world.

If you don’t have the coin to purchase them outright, gather your rations and set out on an adventure. The table above will ensure you’re at the right place at the right time for each spawn.


When do Shindo Life spawns despawn

  • 25 minutes have passed since the item spawned
  • The hour has changed

Because it wouldn’t make sense for quiet servers to end up with rare spawns all over the show, Shindo Life spawns actually despawn. This happens either after a certain amount of time has passed or the clock strikes the hour. Items despawn whenever the first of the following two conditions is met:

This means any item that spawns before the 35th minute of the hour will despawn after 25 minutes. Any item that spawns after that time will despawn as the next hour comes around.


And that should be everything you need to know about Shindo Life spawns. It’s a big, wide world out there. You won’t be able to find every item and tool in a single day, but if you know you’re going to be in an area for a little while, it’s worth checking to see if an item will show up while you’re there.

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