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Civilization games are one of the most famous video games under the genre of turn-based strategy games. It is for people who want to experience the prehistoric life and the facilities available within it. Civilization games operate on the users’ strategy, which gives them the ultimate control while playing. One of them is Sid Meier’s Civilization 3: Conquests, which provides the players with better animation and aesthetics. The following description will help you to understand how this game operates.


Civilization 3: Conquests is the final and second expansion set of Civilization 3. The first one was (Play The World) released in 2001 followed by the second expansion, Conquests released in 2003.

Under Conquests, you will experience seven new civilizations to the game including eight civilization from the previous expansion. With this expansion, the number of civilizations rose to thirty-one, increasing the diversity and fun within the game. You can also choose to play with new civilizations that are Dutch, Incans, Mayans, Sumerians, Portuguese, Hittites, and Byzantines.

Conquests also include new traits that were missing in the previous expansion (Play The World). One of them is seafaring where your civilization can promote business efficiency by halving the prices and having other benefits. English, Spanish and Vikings civilizations in have this feature in Conquests expansion. The other one is Agricultural where the agricultural civilizations get the plus point in lower food prices. Celts civilization is updated for the Conquests expansion.

Feudalism government and Fascism government are also added in the Conquests expansion. Under the Feudalism Government, which is similar to a monarchy, you have the total control of your people under civilization, therefore, you won’t be held accountable in case of corruption. Fascism, on the other hand, is the rule under a fascist state where nationalism is quite high. Moreover, you can also explore five new wonders of the world. It includes Mausoleum of Mausollos, the temple of Artemis, Knights Templar, Secret Police Headquarters and Statue of Zeus. Overall, it is more detailed with better features than Civilization 3’s previous expansion (Play The World).

Civilization 3: Conquests Versus Alpha Centauri

Civilization 3: Conquests and Alpha Centauri come under the banner of Turn-based Strategy games. Both of the games focus on competing to gain control or win by other means. However, In Civilization 3: Conquests you are advancing through the course of history from ancient to modern era whereas in Alpha Centauri you are exploring new terrains on a foreign planet. Here are some points that make Civilization 3: Conquests better than other games of the same genre.


  • It has a lot of variety and unique play styles
  • Interactive Features
  • Easy to play and control


  • The Sound quality is slightly bland.
  • Lack of diplomacy and unit workshop.
  • No social engineering feature.


Overall Civilization 3: Conquests provides a great experience to the player. This expansion was much better than the previous one, Play The World. However, it lacks some fun features, which could have enhanced the players’ experience. Hence, I would give it a solid 7.5 out of 10.

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