Sims 4 gallery not working and won’t connect fix

If the Sims 4 gallery is not working or connecting to the Internet, you must try a series of troubleshooting steps. Keep trying troubleshooting steps, and you will eventually find one fix that fixes the problem. That said, we recommend trying the following steps to fix the Sims 4 gallery not working:

  • Add the Sims 4 as an exception to Windows Firewall
  • Disable Origin In-game 
  • Run Origin as Administrator
  • Remove Mods
  • Repair the game
  • Restart Game
  • Restart PC
  • Clear Sims 4 cache 

Before trying any advanced steps on this list, we recommend starting with simple steps. In short, start by restarting both the game and PC, then removing any mods you may have installed. Doing so is a quick way to see if any simple fixes solve the Sims 4 gallery not working or connecting error. 

How to add the Sims 4 as an exception to Windows Firewall

One of the reasons your Sims 4 gallery is not working could be that your firewall is blocking it. To fix this problem, you must add the game as an exception to your firewall. Start by opening whatever firewall you use, such as Windows Defender Firewall. When opening any firewall, there should be an option to allow a feature through the firewall. For Windows Defender, you must locate the allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall option. Using this option, you must allow Origin and the Sims 4 through the firewall. Afterward, the Sims 4 gallery should work on your PC after launching the game. 

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How to disable Origin In-game

Another troubleshooting step you need to try when trying to fix the Sims 4 gallery is to disable Origin In-game. Players can disable Origin In-game by going to their game library and right-clicking on the Sims 4. After right-clicking the Sims 4, open Game Properties and uncheck the Origin In-game option. 

How to run Origin as Administrator 

To run Origin as an Administrator, type Origin in the Windows search bar at the bottom left of your screen. Doing so will make the Origin app appear in the search results. When the Origin app appears, right-click it and find the Run as Administrator option. After running the app as Administrator, launch the Sims 4 and see if the Sims 4 gallery works again. 

How to Repair the Sims 4 

To repair the Sims 4, right-click the game inside the Origin app. But before doing so, we recommend moving your mods folder to a safe location. That said, when your mods are safe, right-click the game, find a Repair option, and run it. After the repair process finishes, your Sims 4 gallery should work again. 

How to clear the Sims 4 cache

To clear your Sims 4 cache, you must locate the game’s folder in documents. Inside the Sims 4 document folder, you must delete the localthumbcache.package file. Deleting this file will clear your Sims 4 cache and should allow your gallery to connect again. 

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