Sonic Baby Boom – I’m worry about him by KnotholeKnuts on DeviantArt

Despite Sally’s condition, Sonic is still needed on the battleground to battle against Dr. Robotnik’s forces. While Sally is annoy by Sonic’s antics back at the castle, she can’t help but miss being by his side on dangerous missions and is worry if Sonic was eyeing another girl who is not pregnant and is fully capable of aiding him in battle, but her friends Bunnie Rabbot and Julie-Su, are here to reassure her that Sonic isn’t going anywhere and will return to her before she could say chili dogs.

I was gonna add Nicole to this, but I wasn’t sure what she would do so, uh, imagine that she’s with Shard somewhere. 

Fun Fact: Sally and Bunnie’s first lines are taken from the pilot episode of Sonic Satam “Heads or Tails”.

Sally and Bunnie (c) :iconsegalogoplz: and Sonic Team
Julie-Su the Echidna (c) Archie Comics
Background (c) :iconkphoria: 

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