SpeedFan 4.52 – Download for PC Free

The software you need if you overclock your PC

June 30, 2016

SpeedFan should be the main software application for all overclockers. All by itself, this software will control the temperature of the CPU, the speed of the fans, the processor’s load,… This application can show plenty of data straight on your desktop.

Modify your PC’s fan speed

The interface of SpeedFan is very simple, and the amount of information is well valued for those hardware enthusiasts that like to force the speed of the microprocessor, improve the RAM memory latency or manage to make the chipset a lot more functional.

Thanks to SpeedFan we will also be able to modify some parameters of the motherboard (if it is compatible), thus gaining further reassurance when it comes to maximizing the performance of our PC. It’s possible to modify the speed of the bus that communicates the processor and the memory, or modify other aspects that directly affect the performance of the CPU.

Get to know the temperatur of your motherboard and hard drive.

Although its name only makes reference to the fans, SpeedFan is one of the most useful and complete programs that any hardware, overclocking or computer enthusiast can have installed on his/her PC.

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