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Tentacle Locker 2 is a sexy cartoon game about a monster with tentacles that preys on eighteen-year-old bodies and drags them into lockers for fun.

In Search of a Mate

It’s a man’s destiny to pick and conquer girls. Not everyone can get into the darkest corners of a woman’s soul. It’s hard to unravel the mystery and find the right approach to a girl. And is it necessary to engage in solving mysteries and strategy, if you can take by force?

Killer Beauty

Beautiful and pretty schoolgirls walk the corridors of an educational institution:

  • A plaid short skirt
  • Black sandals
  • White cotton socks almost to the knee
  • Open bellies
  • Thin white T-shirt
  • A plaid collar
  • A red bowtie

Little girls braid and grow their hair in different ways: blondes with curly hair to the waist, brunettes with soft bangs to the side and a ponytail, blond girls with a braid hairstyle, pretty girls with straight long hair, young women with red voluminous braids. Light blue, brown, green, gray, bright red, dark blue: a wide variety of eye colors. Choose a victim for all tastes and colors. Any girl you find pretty is now subject to you.

“Why should I?” smart women will ask. It’s simple – the player will become a huge, powerful monster that hides in the lockers of the school.


Hiding from the eyes of students and moving around unnoticed, he can engage in dirty deeds.

The player’s task is simple: to keep an eye on the girls and to throw his tentacles in at the right moment. Pretty girls pass by, smiling, rushing to class. They have no idea that in just a second they will find themselves inside a cramped room with wet tentacles. The locker is dark, and a monster reaches into the forbidden women’s areas. The girls come out with pink faces and relaxed bodies.


Tentacle Locker 2 is a reaction speed game with great graphics, erotic undertones and attractive chicks. Recommended for fans of hot anime, TOGETHER BnB, Fake Novel: Your Own Tsundere and Poke Abby.

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