The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (October 2022)

Because it lets you create an infinite variety of maps with just a click of a button, Minecraft is an extremely replayable game. And this article lists the 10 most intriguing seeds that are worth a visit this month. From spooky (but lush) caves to deserted islands fit for testing your survival skills, here are some of the best Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19 October 2022 seeds.

1.  Woodland Mansion and Ancient City Seed

  • Seed: 5705783928676095273

Reddit user u/crackedmagnet brings us a pretty rare seed: Woodland Mansion (X:88 Z:120) with Ancient City (X:152 Z:72) underneath and a Village near them that works for both Bedrock and Java. Then you can also find a Stronghold (X:1316 Z:-720) as well as another Mansion (X:728 Z:-568) and Village (X:-320 Z:-480). It is definitely a one-of-a-kind seed that’s worthy of being part of your collection.

2.  Zombie Village with Ancient City and Stronghold – October 2022 Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Seed

  • Seed: -8516600370090581156

Talking about Ancient City and Stronghold, there’s another seed that you can try courtesy of u/New-Village-5535. This seed features Flower Forest and Meadow Zombie Village, with an Ancient City and a Stronghold beneath them. To find the landmarks, head over to X:161, Y:112, and Z:-1480.

3.  Savannah Village with Mesa Mineshaft Seed

  • Seed: -2043930859508072149

Another one from u/New-Village-5535 is a Mesa Mineshaft near a Village. Go to coordinates X:-887, Y:92, and Z:239 to find this location, as seen in the image above.

4. Snowy Mountain Peak Mansion Seed

  • Seed: 42102

The last one from u/New-Village-5535 for this month is this unique Taiga Mansion. As you can see, the huge building’s roof is even covered with shrubbery and a bit of snow, making it look rather pretty. To find it, go to X:-3541, Y:139, and Z: 3462 coordinates.

5. Icy Survival Island Seed

  • Seed: 407112087093125870

If you’re looking for a challenge, you can drop in into a huge, deserted island filled with snowy peaks and forests, courtesy of u/Beefy_Nad. Discover refreshing river streams, Lush Caves, and Ancient Cities on this interesting island. In Minecraft & Chill’s video above, this is the number 14 seed, as seen in the video thumbnail.

6.  Desolate Sandy Island Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Seed

  • Seed: 3457579473687179843

If you want something different, then you definitely need to try this desolate island life. Try playing without a Bonus Chest while being surrounded only by sand, seawater, and sea turtles. Thankfully, not very far from there, you can find a surfaced Shipwreck for more materials. Don’t forget to watch Minecraft & Chill’s video for more interesting seeds suggestions as well.

7. Lots of Biomes and Buildings – October 2022 Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 Seed

  • Seed: 3546842701776989958

This seed comes from u/crackedMagnet (reposted by u/Albert_Kan) and features tons of swell locations. Five biomes around 1,000 blocks, Shipwreck, Outpost, and Desert Temple (X:-152 Y:808) for bountiful loot, Ruined Portal, Ocean Monument (X:-216 Y:-792), and Villages, among others. All are pretty close to each other. Definitely worth a visit!

8. Sparse Jungle and Mangrove Seed

  • Seed: -3808118769228265566

In case you’re looking for a Mangrove seed, then you can try this seed. The biome will spawn beside a Sparse Jungle, which, while not really extraordinary, is a somewhat rare biome in itself. This one is courtesy of u/Fish6293.

9. Scenic Floating Rocks Seed

  • Seed: 1001

Floating rocks and landscapes are a thing of the past ever since the 1.19 updates, but sometimes, players can still find them. One of the featured ones this month is from u/Toccs2k. They also said that if you head to X:-1630, Y:119, and Z:-2306, you won’t just see this unique natural structure but also “more.” Hmm, I wonder what they are?

10. Exposed Lush Mountain Cave – October 2022 Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Seed

  • Seed: 958475346566062845

And the last one for October 2022, best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock seeds, is from u/Beefy_Nad. Simply go to coordinates X:-150 Z:-700, and you should be able to find the beautiful Lush Cave with a Mansion along your way. This should also work for both Bedrock and Java.

Minecraft 1.19: Best Swamp Seeds for Bedrock and Java (October 2022)

Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|SNintendo Switch, and PlayStation platforms.

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