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Rihanna took to the stage for the halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl. While the world was happy to see the Diamonds singer return to the stage and sing her hits, no one could deny how radiant Rihanna looked as well. Of course, Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance immediately trended on Twitter. Some fans criticized her set and felt that the backup dancers did most of the work. However, others now think that Rihanna is pregnant with her second child.

Regardless of if Rihanna is pregnant or not, her return to the stage was a successful one. Also, in true Rihanna fashion, she delivered the looks, and we have some awesome pictures to prove it. From ascending into the heavens at the end to creating many iconic moments with her dancers, here are the best pictures from Rihanna’s halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl.

Is Rihanna Pregnant?


Of course, it’s never polite to speculate about a woman’s pregnancy. However, the world seems to think Rihanna is pregnant. In addition, during the performance, it seemed Rihanna was confirming her pregnancy. See the picture above for evidence. Though the singer hasn’t said it, a rep for the singer has confirmed that Rihanna is indeed pregnant.

Rihanna And Her Dancers Put On A Show


Some of the best moments from Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance were when she interacted with her dancers. For many, it reminded them of the old days of Rihanna being more pop star than a billionaire businesswoman.

Rihanna Easily Commands A Stage

Instagram @Rihphresh

Rihanna has never been a Beyoncé or a Lady Gaga because she’s in a lane all her own. Like in the picture above, Rihanna knows how to command any stage, even when it’s just her and a microphone. Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance is a prime example of her stage presence.

 Rihanna Brought The Classic Rihanna Attitude


This picture is pure Rihanna. A real badass with a true sense of humor. Here, she is smacking herself as she sings one of her biggest hits. Of course, people are also talking about Rihanna grabbing her crotch on stage before smelling her finger, which is another example of the classic Rihanna attitude. This is one reason why Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance was so iconic.

Rihanna Looked Happy On Stage

Instagram @themudmag

All the best pictures of Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance show the singer glowing. She was clearly happy to be on stage again, and the world welcomed her with open arms. It won’t go down as one of the best Super Bowl Halftime shows, but it’s still one of the most iconic.

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