The Ending of ‘Terrifier 2’, Explained

Damien Leone’s Terrifier 2 — the gut-wrenching sequel that had audiences fainting, vomiting, and leaving the theater in sheer disgust — is approaching a month since its release. David Howard Thornton reprises his role as Art the Clown from the first film alongside Samantha Scaffidi, who portrayed Victoria Heyes, the sole survivor of the Miles County Massacre. In the blood-soaked sequel, jam-packed with more blood and guts than ever before, Art is mysteriously resurrected and begins pursuing Sienna Shaw and her younger brother Jonathan on Halloween night. While slasher flicks are fairly straightforward, Leone’s convoluted plot gets a tad more confusing toward the climax. Here’s the Terrifier 2 ending explained.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Terrifier 2.

What Happens in the Terrifier 2 Ending?

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Flashing forward to the midway point, Sienna’s friend Brooke drops molly (ecstasy) in her drink without her knowledge, thus triggering a panic attack and forcing Sienna, Brooke, and Brooke’s boyfriend Jeff to leave a Halloween party. On the drive home, Sienna receives a call from Jonathan, who (unbeknownst to her) was incapacitated and abducted by Art the Clown and his new accomplice, credited as The Little Pale Girl. In order to trick Sienna, The Little Pale Girl imitates Jonathan’s voice to communicate a desperate plea, asking Sienna to meet him at an abandoned carnival.

When Sienna arrives, Brooke and her boyfriend elect to stay behind and snort cocaine, leaving Sienna to navigate the carnival alone. The Little Pale Girl (as Jonathan) texts Sienna and lures her to the Terrifier attraction. While inside, Brooke and Jeff are brutally murdered (we’ll spare you the details). Sienna, while exploring the Terrifier, finds Brooke’s mutilated body in a bathroom, where she also encounters Art.

In the climactic act of the Terrifier 2 ending, when a fight ensues, the seemingly immortal Art fails to die on multiple occasions, but Sienna and Jonathan both suffer crippling injuries at his hands. Eventually, Sienna is stabbed in the stomach with her father’s blade, which he left behind for her before he committed suicide. She falls into a water torture chamber, the surroundings emulating the dream she had earlier, then presumably dies. Meanwhile, an unconscious Jonathan is eaten alive by Art. Sienna is magically resurrected by the sword, which she uses to decapitate Art. The Little Pale Girl takes Art’s head and leaves, then the film ends.

What Happens in Terrifier 2’s Mid-Credits Scene?

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In the mid-credits scene for Terrifier 2, two attending nurses at a psychiatric facility are exchanging small talk. When the female nurse begins humming the “Clown Café” song from Sienna’s dream, Chris Jericho’s Burke asks her where the song came from, but she informs him that she doesn’t know. Meanwhile, Victoria Heyes (Vicky) mutilates herself while in labor, writing obscenities on the wall of her cell in her own blood. When the nurse comes to check on her, Vicky gives birth to Art’s head while laughing maniacally.

The Terrifier 2 Ending, Explained

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There are parts of Terrifier 2‘s ending that are fairly easy to grasp, whereas other details aren’t so explicitly clear. For starters, there has been some speculation that Sienna’s father is, in fact, some reincarnation of Art the Clown. Before Sienna and Jonathan’s father committed suicide, it is mentioned by their mother that he suffered from delusions, hallucinations, hearing voices, and general psychosis. During this time, he would sketch visions of Art the Clown and his murders as if he were having premonitions about them. This detail isn’t crucial to understanding the story, but it just helps to keep it in mind going forward.

It’s pretty clear-cut that Art the Clown is a supernatural being capable of invading people’s dreams and apparently immortal. There is some link between Art and Vicky, especially since she survived his massacre. There are several routes that one could take when analyzing Vicky’s significance within the Terrifier franchise. When Vicky gives birth to Art’s head, her eyes glow yellow, much like The Little Pale Girl’s, which could suggest that Vicky and that girl are inexplicably linked. Perhaps Vicky was her mother; therefore, Art’s connection to Vicky stems from his involvement in her lineage.

Sienna getting resurrected by her father’s sword is a tad far-fetched; if her father were Art, why would he be helping her defeat his alter-ego? It just doesn’t add up. Still, there’s a lot to uncover about Art’s past, where he came from, and who he was before he became the supernatural serial killer we know and fear. There’s some significance in The Little Pale Girl leaving with Art’s head in hand and then Vicky giving birth to it later on. That chain of events within the Terrifier 2 ending further proves the above theory.

The Future of the Terrifier Franchise

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There are some implications that Leone will develop Sienna’s character further in later sequels, but our main focus is Art the Clown, whom David Howard Thornton analyzed when speaking to ScreenRant:

“I think what drives him is just the fun of the hunt and the kill. I think the cat lady in the first film summed them up very nicely where she’s like, ‘He does this because he thinks it’s funny.’ This is pure entertainment to him. He is like the anti-clown.

Where clowns are supposed to be here to amuse us and bring joy and merriment to us, Art is here to bring pain and misery to other people for his own selfish amusement, and that’s what drives him. He just has fun killing.”

Only time will tell if Sienna and Art’s newfound rivalry will blossom into something more. Damien Leone, after All Hallow’s Eve (2013), Terrifier (2016), and Terrifier 2 (2022), isn’t showing signs of slowing down, especially not after the sequel’s roaring success as a must-see gorefest. Even the most squeamish among us have to hand it to the special effects, which weren’t always promising but were certainly realistic enough to induce some real fear and nausea in viewers. On the other hand, the Terrifier 2 ending certainly left some unanswered questions and plenty to think about.

In the future, hopefully, the Terrifier franchise will expand upon Vicky’s role and finally give us a backstory for Art the Clown.

Terrifier 2 can be streamed through Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, Fandango Now, and Google Play. Both Terrifier and Terrifier 2 are available on Screambox.

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