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I came into The Genesis Order expecting a certain type of game and I have to say that in this regard I was not disappointed. This is a lewd adventure style game and part of a series of games. If you like the work this developer has done in the past, chances are you are going to like this game. However, I think that if the previous two games in the series did nothing for you, you will not find anything here that is going to win you over. I think that this game is ok, but I think they need to try something drastically new for the next game.

A Private Dick

I read that for the story of The Genesis Order, they wanted to try and do something a bit different from what the previous two games, Lust Epidemic and Treasure Of Nadia offered. However, even though this can be a neat detective story about a guy trying to move his career forward all the while getting laid a great deal. It does fall into many of the tropes that their past games did and as a result, I did find myself losing interest here fairly quickly.

Going That Extra Mile

The presentation of The Genesis Order like the other two games that came before it is very well done. I like how there are these movie style transitions when a character comes into a scene and I think the character renders are actually done very well. There is also some decent animation in the game too which I was very happy to see. It goes for a more realistic look which I am not disappointed with. The actual “RPG” portion of the game also has a more realistic look than you usually get from a top-down style game, but I think that it works very well here.

If You Like It You Should Have Put A Ring On It!

There is a massive selection of characters that you can interact with in The Genesis Order and try to have sex with. I like this, it is something the previous two games had going on to so I was confident that there would be a great selection of ladies in this game too. There is a good selection of milfs and younger looking ladies too, but for me, this game is all about the older ladies as they look much more real in my opinion.

Working The Case

Gameplay wise, if you played either Lust Epidemic or Treasure of Nadia, you will feel a real sense of familiarity with The Genesis Order. You will have to walk around a decent sized map, talking to characters, trying to solve crimes, and even doing a bit of grinding here and there. There is nothing radically new here, but what is here is done well and the best compliment I can give the gameplay is that I never once felt lost in regards to what I was supposed to do.


I have read some reviews of this game that have been way too harsh. Yes, it does feel very similar to their last two games, but I still think that The Genesis Order is a decent time. The story is not bad, but the impressive selection of characters (some returning favorites from past games) is great and made me want to keep playing to see how things would play out. While I do not think that this is a bad game, I do think that this engine and game style is something they have taken as far as they can at this point.


  • I really liked the variety of characters in the game
  • It is a pretty neat detective style story
  • There is a little bit more cinematic flair in this game
  • I loved the way the different characters looked, especially the milf characters


  • While it is not bad, it does feel like I have played this game twice before
  • Some of the younger ladies look a tad too young for me

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