The Magic Portal by BlueEngineLiz6 on DeviantArt

*The next day, Liz headed down to the quarry with no problem at all. She even made the delivery of stone on time at Brendam Docks. Liz was feeling happy that day and wanted to thank Ryan. But along the way back to her shed, something had changed her life. She was puffing down the branch line when she saw railway tracks off in a siding. Leaves and vines covered it and the line was stretched into a forest. Curious, Liz’s driver switched the points and Liz puffed slowly down the strange line.*

Liz: No one’s told me of this place… I should tell them when I get back. (worried) Well…IF I ever get back.

*But Liz continued down the line with little fear. She hadn’t gone far, when she saw a set of buffers ahead. Liz felt disappointed that there was nothing but somehow, she felt the need to touch the buffers, as if they hold a secret or something. When she was inches away from the buffers, she suddenly went inside a colorful magic portal. Before she realized what had happened, she was no longer in Sodor anymore.*

Sprites by :icondanielarkansanengine: and me.

Thomas and Friends belong to HIT Entertainment.

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