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Ruining Dinner Dates Forever (SFW safe vore)

Mild warning for quick mentions of: hard vore, fatal vore, digestion, internalized biphobia(vore related warnings are just mentions, non occure to prey character)Warnings: vomiting up prey (will be marked by ### on each end to be skippable)Over all: fluffy story (slowpaced, no action at all)All my work is intended to be non-sexualIt’s a lumity heavy story with a side of vore.Characters are from Disneys Owl House and do not belong to me.Remember to fave, if you enjoyed the story! Why I use the term “Eskimo Kiss”: linkFan character used in this story: River RoseWhy Luz knows what a stim toy is in this: A Luz Headcanon PostWord count: 11.4K (you’re in for a long ride, so make sure you have time!)***Luz looked around; she desperately needed to find someone she knew. This day definitely wasn’t going her way… When did stuff ever? She wasn’t any bigger than five inches, and she knew of all the demons and beasts that would love to have her as a snack.Calm down; nobody is going to eat you… I just need to find Gus or Willow… Maybe Amity, if she’s around here. “Around here” being the town. But she didn’t think she would be. She probably wouldn’t be in town; she wasn’t friends with Boscha anymore, so she didn’t have anyone to hang out with. And she doubted Amity had any errands to run.Amity really doesn’t have many friends, does she? Luz felt a little bad for her. Her and Willow were trying to be friends again, but they definitely didn’t get along like friends yet. They spoke like they had never even met each other. Which was understandable; they hadn’t been friends for years. And the bullying made it much harder than it could have been.She sighed; she could think about that later. Amity at least has me… Whatever that’s worth. But even then, Amity seemed to avoid her… Luz wasn’t sure what was up with Amity; she was acting a lot different after grom. She couldn’t be too close to her without her going completely red in the face. Luz eyes widened in surprise. No way… She felt stupid for not realizing it. Amity has a crush on me. Her heart started pounding, and she quickly realized that she liked Amity back. But she shook her head. No, I must be delusional. Amity would never like someone like me… But what else could all the blushing mean? It got worse after grom…She gave her head a quick shake again. Focus, she reminded herself. Find someone you know to help you, then you can worry about what Amity thinks of you.Just as she thought that; a foot slammed down next to her, making her let out a terrified scream. She hadn’t considered the fact that anybody could just squash her under their foot on accident. She stared up at the perpetrator, only for her eyes to be met with dark green hair tied into a braid. “Emira!” exclaimed Luz, hoping she could hear her.The older teen’s ear twitched, before she looked down to Luz. “Human?” she questioned, crouching down to look at her. “Hey, Edric, look over here!”Her twin brother looked over at his sister. “What did you find?” He noticed Luz before Emira could say another word. “Is that you, Luz? What happened to you?”“Uh…” Luz felt a little intimidated by the two witches crouched over her. She took a moment to compose herself. “Well, I shrunk, and now we’re here.” Her voice shook a little on the last word. She hated the fact that the two were so cool; that definitely didn’t make them easier to talk to. “I was looking for someone who could help me… Maybe you two could?” Luz folded her hands, nervously fiddling with her fingers. “Or at least help me find someone who can? Please?”“Sure, Luz,” said Edric, bring his hand down to let her walk up. “But we’re pretty busy today…” He gave Em a quick glance. “Mittens is almost free today; I don’t think she’ll mind hanging out with you.” He got back up when Luz had climbed into his hand. “She’s real fond of you, you know?”Luz brain felt like it just broke down. He can’t mean it like that. “Yeah, we are really great friends,” said Luz, with a fake smile. “Isn’t it cool she had that turn-around with me?” She thought back to the first time she actually introduced herself. Amity’s so much nicer now. “We used to be rivals and now we’re the best of friends!” Luz couldn’t stop herself from smiling for real. Even if Amity didn’t feel anything for her; Amity was still one of her best friends. But she couldn’t pick her favorite friend; they all matted a lot to her.Emira snickered. “Maybe you two can talk about how great of friends you are.” She put emphasis on the word friends. “I bet that would make Mittens really happy to know you think of her as a best friend.” There was a teasing smile spreading across her face, as she spoke.That was what it took for Luz to realize that Amity had to have a crush on her. Or at least that the twins believed that was the case. “No, it’s not like that!” She held her hands up. “There’s no way Amity likes me like that. She can’t think of me as more than a friend…” It was probably narcissistic to believe that she would like her as more. She liked Amity, but there was no way such a pretty girl liked her back. “I’m just Luz and she’s… well, she’s her.” She felt a small pang of sadness in her gut. It was strange; she was fine just being friends, but the thought of it also hurt at the same time.Ed chuckled. “You know, I’m pretty sure Mittens feels the same about you. She can’t stop talking about all the little things you do.” He looked over at Em. “Both of us know that she barely ever opens up to us about anything.”Luz could understand why; they had tried to steal Amity’s diary and planned to post the pages all over the school. Luz definitely wouldn’t want to share anything with siblings like that.Em nodded. “Goes to show; our little sister has it bad for you.” She looked thoughtful. “I don’t think she even notices how much she talks about you.” She perked up. “How about you try to ask her out?” A sly smile spread across her face. “Imagine how shocked she’ll be when her crush asks her out, before she confesses.” The smile changed to a sweeter one. “It will be a good shock, of course.”Luz herself was in a bit of a shock, before a thought hit her. “Wait, hold on, is it okay that you guys told me this? Wouldn’t Amity wanted to tell me herself?” She had been close to figuring out that Amity did have a crush on her, but it still felt like that was something Amity should have told her, if she didn’t.“I think it’s fine; we’re just making her life easier,” said Edric casually. “She can barely get a word out around you, right?” He didn’t wait for a response. “This way she might actually get a date with you. We are doing her a favor, really.”“Exactly,” Emira chimed in, before turning around. “But let’s go find her! She’s somewhere around here… She had to get something from the market today. I think it was something for creating abominations.” She looked around. “She might be a bit away… We went off to do our own thing,” she added with a shrug.Edric place her up on his left shoulder. It was a little shaky when he walked, making her cling onto his hair. “Ow!” he exclaimed, after wincing, making her let go instantly. “Luz, that hurt! Don’t do that.”“Sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you!” she exclaimed, feeling a bit embarrassed. “It’s very shaky when you walk… And I would rather not fall from here… It’s a long way down for me.” She wasn’t scared of heights anymore, but this was a whole other way of being heigh up.“Well,
please hold on to my vest’s collar instead?” He rubbed the spot she had clung onto. “It hurt a surprising amount.”“Sorry, I’ll make sure not to do that again.” She hesitantly grabbed his collar.Edric was the first to spot her in the crowd; being a little bit taller than his twin probably helped. “Hey, Mittens!” He called into the crowd. “Come over here for a quick second!”Her ear twitched, clearly showing she heard them, but the youngest Blight didn’t respond. She browsed the different assortments of materials, continuing to ignore her older brother.Edric laughed, “Come on, mittens, there’s someone with us we think you would like to talk to!”She took a quick glance at them, “Who?” She stretched her neck out, but didn’t notice Luz. “Edric, have you eaten something you shouldn’t again? There’s no one with you.” Amity looked confused, still trying to find who he was talking about, before her eyes widened. “Wait, is that Luz on your shoulder?” she exclaimed in surprise. She instantly ran the short way over to them. “What happened to you?”Luz swallowed nervously; she still wasn’t completely over the shock that Amity had a crush on her. “Well, I’m not sure,” replied Luz, giving her an anxious smile. “I was heading into town, you know, just to look around a bit, and suddenly I was like this!” She knew that there was definitely magic that could change one’s size. “I don’t know how it happened… I don’t think it was a spell or a potion…” Luz got lost in thought after she said that, thinking over what had even happened.“Well, that’s a problem…” said Amity with a conflicted tone, before a thoughtful look over took her. She hummed while thinking. “I haven’t really heard of this before… You’re sure it wasn’t a spell? It can be a little hard to tell, if it was just something that happened or someone did it on purpose.”“I didn’t see anyone cast it,” said Luz with a shrug, almost losing her balance for a quick second. “Woah!” She managed to get back up, before clutching onto Edric’s collar again. “I doubt anybody was trying to hurt me. I think they would have done that by now, if they wanted to.”Amity tensed at the mention of someone wanting to hurt Luz, but she relaxed shortly after. “Alright, so you don’t think it’s that…” Again, she looked thoughtful. “Maybe we could find something about in the library?”Luz nodded, “That sound like a good idea! But I actually have something I wanted to ask you…” Luz felt her heart starting to pound faster again. She had a hard time finding her voice, especially her English voice. “Sorry, it’s a little hard for me to say…” she said with a hesitant smile. This would be so much easier to say in Spanish… “But I like you a lot and…” Luz paused trying to think over her words. “I was thinking that maybe we could go on a date sometime?”Amity looked like she was about to faint. “A date? With you?” Her face flared up in a bright red. She just blinked in disbelief for a few seconds. She shook her head, trying to focus. “Yes! Yes, absolutely! When? Where?” She squealed, before her face changed back to disbelief. “This can’t be real… Is this a dream?” Suddenly, she shot an accusing glare at Ed and Em. “Are you two pranking me?”Edric held his hands up defensively. “No, no, we would never do that to our precious baby sister!” He brought his hand up to his shoulder, letting Luz climb onto it. “I promise, we would never play with your feelings like that.”Amity scowled. “I don’t trust that you wouldn’t.”“There’s no reason to be so upset, Mittens,” said Emira, with a teasing grin, before placing a hand on her shoulder. “But we need to get going now, so you and Luz can head to the library.” She walked past Amity, before she looked back and gave Luz a quick wave. “Try not to get eaten, human.”Edric handed Luz over to Amity. “Yeah, good luck, you two,” he said, running up to his twin, before half turning around to speak to Amity. “You better make sure your date stays safe, Mittens.”Amity was completely red in the face, as she stared into the distance after her siblings. She snapped back quickly after they turned a corner. “Sorry, I really thought they were pranking me for a second.” She stayed quiet for a few seconds. “It’s just… really unbelievable that you could like me back.”Luz nodded. “I can’t believe you like me either,” she replied, with a small smile. “Should we plan our date on the way to the library?” Her smile grew wider. I have a date with Amity!Once at the library, Amity gathered a bunch of different books on the subject of size changing magic. They sat at one of the many tables for reading or studying. They had a lot of ideas for their date too, but they still had to decide what they liked most. Luz had suggested their time at the library being a date, but Amity found the idea a little boring. Not because it was at the library, but because they were going to be reading stuff about spells and trying to figure out how to get Luz back to normal. There wouldn’t be much time to focus on each other.Amity opened the first book, the most promising one, to the table of contents. Luz sat in front of her watching her trace her finger across it. Her nail polish is really shiny, she couldn’t help but notice. “Have I ever mentioned that I like your nail polish?”“No, I don’t think so… Thank you,” she replied, a small blush spreading on her cheeks. “I know it’s not the same as you complimenting my nail polish and I definitely haven’t mentioned this before…” Amity shook her head, trying to get back on track, “but I think your ears are cute.” Her face light up in a bright red again. “Unless it’s not okay for me to say that! It isn’t too much, is it? Are humans sensitive abou-”Luz cut Amity off, leaning in over the book to hold her finger. “It’s okay, Amity! Your ears are cute too!”The witch’s ears twitched, as her blush grew even stronger. She lifted the hand that she didn’t use to read to touch her own ear. “Thank you…” she replied with a shy smile. “But can you get down from the book? I need to read.”Luz backed away with a smile. “Yeah, ‘course.” A person in the distance caught Luz’s eyes. Frankly, it would have been hard for her not to notice him; he was over ten feet tall. Woah, that’s a tall guy! Luz wasn’t too surprised; the Boiling Isles had all sorts of different witches and demons in all shapes and sizes. But the cyclops was just absurdly tall. “Woah, look at how tall that person over there is!” she couldn’t stop herself from shouting out.Amity turned her head to where Luz was pointing, before turning back down to her book. “I have seen him around before… I guess he is really tall.”Luz was still intrigued by him. He had brown and black striped snakes for hair, that curled up into a bunlike shape. I wonder if he controls them! He crouched down to look at the lower shelves of books. He let out a frustrated sigh, before he looked around.His eye fell on a green feathered birdman, who was shorter than Amity, before he waved him over. “Hey, I need your help with something, Ava…” He spoke quietly, not to disturb the rest of the people nearby in the library.The birdman turned his head towards him. “What is it?” He spoke in a deep and quiet voice. “You need some help grabbing a book?”The cyclops nodded. “That would be nice…” he said with a smile. His voice was a little higher than the bird’s, but it still had a softness to it.Ava walked past them, over to his cyclops friend, letting Luz get a better look at him. He was scrawny and had birdfeet-like hands. He had a pair of tusklike teeth sticking out from his beak on both sides. He had strange ears that were covered in feathers on the outside and had skin on the inside, and he had a short feathery tail.Luz found all the different kinds of demons and witches that lived in
this strange world fascinating. They could look like anything pretty much. Some of them could even be used like objects. Like the typewriter back at the Owl House, and that was just one example.She turned her gaze back up at Amity, just to look at her. She felt her heart pound with glee. Amity likes me… Once again, she couldn’t stop herself from smiling. She’s so pretty.Amity’s eyes shifted towards her, before she looked back to the book. “What’re you looking at?” She sounded a little annoyed, but Luz was pretty sure it was because she was making her nervous.“You,” said Luz, averting her gaze a little. “I’m sorry, if it makes you uncomfortable!” She held up her hands, quickly looking up at Amity, before looking away again, rubbing her arm. “You’re just really pretty.”She blushed shyly. “Oh, thank you.” She looked like she was about to say something else, but she closed her mouth again, her blush growing stronger. Her eyes turned back down to the book again, as she continued reading. Her face slowly grew less red, as she concentrated on the book.Luz looked around the library again, when a person caught her eyes. He wasn’t as tall as the cyclops, or as strange as Ava, but he was heading for her and Amity’s table. On top of that, he was still eye-catching with his cobalt blue hair and matching vest.Luz watched him as he walked closer; he had bright orange eyes and a nose ring on the left side of his nose. He confidently strutted towards them. He was definitely noticeable despite not being a bird or ten-foot cyclops, and his attitude showed that he definitely knew that.Her eyes widened, when she realized she found him handsome. That’s not okay to think! You have a date with Amity! It was just a thought, but she didn’t even want to think about other people. Especially not when she was bi… She didn’t want to be the exact type of bisexual that caused people to have such a problem with them. She knew she shouldn’t be ashamed of it, but she also couldn’t stop herself from letting the shame build up.But what she had noticed about him was how defined his jawline was, and how the orange of his eyes stood in contrast to the blue of his hair and clothes. The fact that his hair was black on the lower part only made them stand out even more. But when Luz focused on that; she also noticed, that he seemed to have a bite taken out of his ear.Before Luz even realized it; he was leaning against the table with a sweet smile on his face. “Hey, it’s been a while, Amity.”Amity nearly jumped out of her chair in surprise. “River! What the heck are you doing in the library?” She was immediately shushed by one of the nearby people. She gave a quiet sorry to the people surrounding them. “What are you doing here? And why do you think now is a good time to be pestering me?” She asked in an angry hushed voice. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”He sat down in a nearby chair that was a few feet away. “Relax, I just want to know how you’re doing.” There was a sweet, yet teasing tone to his voice, but when his eyes fell on Luz that quickly chanced to surprise. “Who is that?” He pulled the chair closer, making Luz back away a little. Him being that close to her was terrifying. To Luz’s relief, he quickly looked up at Amity instead. “What happened to them? Are they normally like that?”Them and they? questioned Luz silently. Nobody had ever really used gender-neutral pronouns for her. Usually, they either realized she was a girl or assumed she was a boy until she spoke. She was mostly surprised by the fact that she liked being called they. Huh, I never really considered that… I’ll save that thought for later.Amity gave River a sour look. “That’s Luz and, no; she isn’t. We’re trying you figure out how to solve this, so please leave us alone.” She was clearly on the verge of lashing out at him, but she was able to keep somewhat calm. She looked back down to the book she was reading.Luz moved over to the other side of the book, in under Amity. She wasn’t sure what to think of River, so she trusted that Amity’s annoyance with him was right. He definitely didn’t seem bad, but Amity seemed to think he was. Maybe he was one of those guys that pretended to be nice to try to get a date, but then turn around and verbally abuse the girl when she would reject him.But his face shifted to concern, as he became a little flustered. “Well, could I help?” It seemed to be a genuine offer, but Amity shot it down.“No,” she replied coldly, not even giving him a glance. “I’m sure you’re the type of guy to ask for a date in return.” Despite her keeping a quiet tone there was a clear hatred in it. “So, I’d rather not accept your help.” She leaned in over Luz protectively.Both Luz and River had to take a couple seconds to think over her words, but definitely not in the same way. Does River actually like Amity? Luz turned her head upwards, trying to look at her. Has he asked her out before? I wonder if he has… It bothered Luz a little bit, but it was fair if he had; he was allowed to shoot his shot. Does Amity like boys? She knew that Amity liked girls now, but she couldn’t help wondering if she liked boys. Would it be weird of me to ask?River spoke up, having dropped his lightly teasing attitude completely, “I’m sorry if I came off that way, but I promise I’m actually not like that.” He gave her a hurt smile. “I know I don’t have a chance with someone like you.”Amity snapped up from her book in surprise, before she calmed down and turned the page. “You’re right; you don’t, and flattery isn’t going to help you.” But looking at Amity face; Luz could tell she felt a little bad about what she was saying, yet she continued. “Honestly, I think the biggest help you could give would be to let me read in peace.”River nodded; Luz could tell he hadn’t expected Amity to be that hostile. “Alright…” Luz couldn’t help but relate to how he was feeling. She hadn’t liked Amity romantically for that long, or at least not realized it, but her hostility when they first met was rough, even when just attempting to be friends. “Hope you find the solution soon.” He gave another sweet smile, before he got up out of his chair and left.Amity let out a relieved sigh. “Sorry, he’s a guy that saw me play in a grudgby match once, and now he won’t leave me alone.” She read a bit more, before she continued. “He has been very annoying about it…” Amity groaned, slamming the book shut. “And the solution wasn’t even in this book!” She hissed out quietly.She reached over for the next book, before Luz spoke up, “did you have to be so harsh on him?” Luz felt a little bad for the guy. Of course, Amity shouldn’t be friends with him, if she didn’t want to, but she didn’t need to be that harsh either.Amity opened the book. “Well, no, but he got the idea.” She nervously drummed her fingers on the table of contents. She focused on the book, clearly trying to avoid the subject. “Oh!” She pointed to a specific part of the table of contents. “It looks like this has the solution!” Amity flicked through the pages, before Luz even got to look at what it said on it.However, neither of them had expected to see what they saw on the pages Amity turned to. It was slightly grotesque to say the least. Disgusting, repulsive and horrifying to say the worst. Luz had to hope that those pictures were unrelated to the solution. Luz looked up at Amity nervously. “Maybe it isn’t as bad as it looks like?”Amity had paled, staring down at the book, before she looked down to Luz. “I think it is…” she looked ill, before shifting her gaze back to the book. It only took her a couple seconds before Luz realized Amity was right.There was no reason for the book to have pictures of the process, yet there they were. Different demons and witches getting swallowed alive by other demons and witches. Pictures of tiny people
in puddles of vomit, and… some examples of situations that had gone wrong. It was horrifying to look at, but they were right next to the text.They both took the time to read it. Amity finished reading before Luz, but waited to close the book.Amity spoke up, as soon as Luz was done reading. “We are going to have to find River.”“Why?” Luz thought about it for a few seconds. “Is he in the beast keeping track?” There had been something about a spell to make it safe, that was used a lot in beast keeping.“I think he is…” Amity looked a little unsure. “Actually, I don’t know…” She looked towards the direction that River left in. “I’m going to ask him.” She picked up the book, putting it in her back, before letting Luz walk onto her hand. She cupped her hands around Luz, before she left to find the boy.They found him sitting alone, reading something about beast keeping. He looked like he was trying to take some notes, before he noticed Amity. He quickly adverted his gaze, glaring down at his notes.Amity hesitantly walked over to his table. She moved Luz over in one of her hands, before she pulled a chair over with the other. “Hi…” she started with a hesitant smile. “I’m sorry I was so quick to judge you…” She gave Luz a sheepish smile, before looking up at River again “I should really be getting better at that.” She had a hard time keeping her eyes on him. “I would actually really appreciate your help.”He glared up at her, before mocking her in a high pitched voice. “Let me read in peace!” He kept scowling at her. “You can’t act that way with me and expect help!” He turned his head down to his book again, still fuming.Luz decided to help Amity out. “And Amity has realized that it was wrong of her to lash out at you, right Amity?”She hesitated, before responding “…yes, I realized that.” She shifted Luz around from hand to hand for a few seconds, before she realized what she was doing. She stopped immediately after that, before she turned back to River. “I’m sorry.”Luz was a bit confused after having been used as stim toy, but she was pretty sure Amity’s apology was sincere. “But I have to agree with you; Amity shouldn’t expect your help after what she did.” She felt Amity freeze. “She doesn’t have to be your friend, but she definitely didn’t need to say it that way.” Luz looked up at Amity, who avoided her gaze.River watched her, resting his arm on the table, loosely holding his pencil. “Why do you two think that you can convince me to help you?”Luz took a couple seconds to think it over. “Because you seem like you have your heart in the right place…” The boy raised an eyebrow at her. “I know; it’s cheesy.” Luz laughed, trying to get some of the tension to disappear. “But I mean it; you didn’t do anything wrong.” Maybe she was laying it on a little thick, but she would rather not have him hate both of them; even if he didn’t want to help.He gave a quick half smile, that quickly disappeared. He tightened his grip on the pencil. “Well even if I did want to help; I’m in the middle of something.” He looked down to the book once again. “I have some important test coming up next week, and I really don’t want to get a bad grade on any of them.”Luz’s brow furrowed before she got an idea for a compromise. “Could you at least give some pointers? We just need some help with a spell.”His gaze flicked between the two of them. A couple seconds passed. “What are you looking for exactly?” He seemed a little concerned, almost like he had something on his mind. “You aren’t going out to tame a beast, are you?” But he seemed to suspect it was something else entirely, as his gaze shifted from Luz to Amity once again.Amity curled her fingers around Luz gently; she pressed her a little bit, before she, once again, realized what she was doing. “It’s actually a little bit of an awkward situation…” Amity used her other hand to reach into her bag, pulling out the book. She put Luz up on her shoulder. “I was thinking you might know how to cast this spell, since you’re in the beast keeping track.” She put the book down on the table, after having flipped through it to the right page. She pointed to a specific part of the book. “It’s this spell right here.”He pulled it over to look at it; he seemed a lot calmer, if a little grossed out, when he saw the pictures than both Luz and Amity had been. He finished reading, before speaking up. “I guess it would only take a second to cast it.” He started forming the spell circle, before Amity spoke up.“Hold on,” she said; she immediately broke his concentration. “I don’t know if I trust that you’re actually casting it.”He gave her an annoyed glance. “You think I’d let your friend die?”Luz looked up at Amity too. “Amity, I seriously doubt he would let you kill me.”Amity’s ears shifted a little. “Sorry,” she said quietly. “Do you still want to help?”He rolled his eyes. “Sure,” he said, letting out yet another sigh. He quickly casted the spell. “There, that should have worked.” He turned back to his book. “It will last two hours at least.”Luz had immediately set a timer for one hour and fifty minutes; she figured that would be plenty of time, if anything went wrong. She was only supposed to say in there for half an hour. They decided to get the books back in place, before leaving the library.Luz stretched and her phone crinkled in her pocket; it was covered in one of those plastic bags to protect it from water. She had brought some when preparing to go to the summer camp. She didn’t have much use for them before now though. She definitely wasn’t going out in the Boiling Isles rain, but she was happy she had kept them on her, because bringing her phone into Amity’s stomach without that seemed like a bad idea.“You’re sure he actually cast the spell on you?” Amity held her in her hands nervously. “I don’t want to hurt you…”“Of course! What is with the distrust in him?” asked Luz, tilting her head a little. “I doubt he wants me dead just after meeting me.” Luz thought it over. “Actually, I think I have a pretty bad record of that… But I don’t think he’s going to be added on it…” She brushed it off. “Besides, it’s not like I’m completely doomed after you eat me! There’s definitely enough time for you to let me out!” It wasn’t like she would instantly turn to bones the moment she touched the acids… She hoped.Amity nodded. “You’re right…” She opened her mouth moving Luz closer to it, but she suddenly shut it and recoiled. “I can’t do this! I can’t just put you in my mouth; that’s weird!”Luz hadn’t really thought about that. “Would it be easier, if I climbed in?” But when she said it; she realized it wasn’t going to be that easy, doubting whether or not she could actually get herself to do that.“I would still have to lift you up to my mouth.” Amity was clearly distressed. “And I don’t know if I can just… eat you…” She avoided Luz’s gaze. “I just don’t really know what else to do…”Luz wasn’t sure how to solve it. “What about…” If she could get Amity’s mind off needing to eat her, and still bring her up to her face; that would be perfect. “What about…” she repeated slowly. She definitely wasn’t going to suggest a kiss; she was pretty sure neither of them were ready for that. But a thought suddenly hit her. Her eyes widened. “What about an Eskimo kiss?” she exclaimed in excitement.Amity looked bewildered, her face completely red. “A what now?”Luz immediately realized what Amity was thinking. I should’ve explained that one… she thought, before raising her arms defensively. “It’s when you touch noses!” She pointed to her own nose. “I made that sound like it was more than that, didn’t I?”Amity slowly nodded, seeming even more tense than before. “You did,” she replied her face turning red again in a flustered blush, before giving her head a small shake. “But I don’t really
see how that ‘Eskimo kiss’ is going to help.”Luz felt a burst of excitement. “You could get used to having me closer to your face!” She had to admit she felt clever for that idea.Amity avoided her gaze again. “But that’s still just to eat you…”“Forget about that for a moment, Amity!” Luz brushed her hand against Amity’s, surprised by their softness. “Woah… your hands a really soft.”Amity blushed once again, before she lifted Luz up to her face. Luz immediately guessed what she was trying to do, when Amity leaned her nose towards her, despite the witch stopping before she reached Luz. Luz leaned the entire bridge of her nose against the tip of Amity’s.Amity was the first to lean away, still looking uncomfortable. “That didn’t help much…”Luz reached up and touch Amity’s nose with her hand. “Forget about it for a longer moment then!” She hugged the other girl’s nose, leaning her forehead against the bridge of it. “How about you keep me close to your face and we talk for a while?” Luz sat back down in her hand. “We still haven’t figured out where we want to have our date!”“I think being anywhere with you would be nice…” Amity gave her a nervous smile. “I love spending time with you.” She glanced around the street, watching the people pass by. “But I think we should find a quieter place to talk.” She absentmindedly lowered Luz from her face, before she realized it. “Oh, sorry, I forgot I had to hold you there!” Amity talked a tiny bit louder than Luz was comfortable with, but she didn’t mind too much.“It’s alright!” spoke Luz with a bright smile. “I did tell you to forget.” She looked out to the people around them. Someone watched them, but they quickly turned their heads away. “But we should definitely go to an emptier place…” She didn’t like the way they had watched both of them.Amity tried to hold Luz closer to her face, but it was making nervous in one way or another. Luz didn’t know if it was just her crush on her acting up or the fact that she would have to eat her. It’s definitely a mix of both… She didn’t want to make Amity uncomfortable by rushing her, but the time was running out; not anytime soon, but if they didn’t hurry up it could.Amity lowered her hand down, rubbing her shoulder with the other. “It’s not easy to hold my arm up like this…”Luz only took a second to decide what to say. “Well then open up!”Amity’s eyes immediately widened, but she hesitantly did as she was told.Amity lifted Luz up to her mouth again; she could feel Amity’s shaky breath on her skin. Luz stared for a few seconds, as Amity held her mouth open. Luz couldn’t help feeling a little intimidated by Amity’s fangs. She cautiously placed her hand in on her tongue, as she leaned into her mouth.The slimy texture was horrible on her hands, and she almost jumped in surprise. She jerked upwards and knocked her head into the roof of Amity’s mouth, nearly getting herself chomped in half.Amity spat her out immediately. “I’m sorry! Luz, are you okay?” The girl’s eyes were wide in shock.She hadn’t actually gotten hurt, but it had been close; Amity had stopped herself from biting down in the last possible moment.Luz nodded. “I’m okay… Maybe we should try that again.”Amity lifted her up to her mouth again, letting Luz climb in, but she could tell the witch was even more opposed to it now.Luz touched her tongue before leaning into her mouth this time. It was still a horrible feeling, but at least she wouldn’t get bitten in half. She carefully leaned into her mouth, but before she could get any further with her plan; someone called for them.“Amity, what are you doing with Luz?” Edric shouted out in surprise. “Are you eating her?”Luz stumbled out of her mouth. “We can explain!” This looks really bad… “It’s how we get me back to normal!” She noticed Emira standing to his side, looking just as alarmed, before she startled as Edric bursted out laughing. Luz looked up at Amity, raising an eyebrow.Amity looked just as confused as Luz, but they got their answer soon after. “That’s hilarious!” he took a moment to calm himself. “Imagine that the thing Em told Luz not to do was going to be the cure!” He started laughing again. “Wow, that’s really funny.” None of the girls laughed with him. He hesitated, before continuing in a more serious attitude. “If Luz is going to be safe, that is.”Amity spoke up, “I don’t know if she is…” Her gaze flicked between her brother and her sister. “We got some help from a guy to cast a spell on Luz that should make her safe, but I can’t stop worrying about him lying to us.” She looked down at Luz. “I know you think we can trust him, but I was really mean to him… What if he decided at you would have to pay for that?”“I don’t think he would do that.” Luz thought back to how he had acted. A tiny bit cocky before he turned to genuine concern. “I meant what I said about him; he seemed like he was trying to be helpful.” Luz hadn’t like him much either. “He might have had a bit of an ‘I’m important’ attitude, but you didn’t need to be so rude to him.” Another thought hit Luz. “How long has he even been annoying you?”Amity opened her mouth, but quickly closed it. It took another second, before she figured out what to say. “I don’t know! It been pretty spaced out, but I was tired of him chasing me!” Amity began to shout louder. “It’s not my fault he never wanted to leave me alone in the past!” Amity stared down at Luz with a scowl. “I just had enough of him!”Luz cowered, looking over at the twins with wide eyes. They looked at her and Amity, before looking to each other. Emira spoke up. “Amity, don’t be mad at her.”Amity turned to them with a fuming glare. “I’m not mad at Luz!” Her shoulders lowered, as she seemed to realize how much she was yelling. She looked down to Luz, as her face lost the red shade it had been taking on in her anger. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you… It’s not your fault.”Luz tried to get over her shock; seeing Amity like that had not been nice. She only nodded in response.She looked over at her siblings, before looking back down to Luz. “How much time do we have until the spell is up?”Luz pulled her phone out her pocket. “An hour and thirty minutes.”Amity nodded, “We should hurry up.” She opened her mouth up again.Luz couldn’t do anything other than stare. The thought of going into Amity’s mouth after her outburst made her nervous. She shook her head. Amity isn’t going to hurt me. She looked into Amity’s mouth; her fangs didn’t help her feel more comfortable climbing in. But she wouldn’t let that deter her. She leaned into her mouth, before she pulled herself the rest of the way in.She had a hard time squeezing in there, but it only got worse when Amity closed her mouth. Her clothes were surprisingly quickly soaked through. That’s weird…Something didn’t seem right about that… Amity’s mouth should have been pretty dry with how anxious she seemed. But, then again, her tongue hadn’t been when she touched it earlier either.Luz didn’t dwell on it; she figured it didn’t matter much. But she was a little surprised when Amity started sucking on her like she was a big piece of hard candy. It made Luz feel grossed out.But it didn’t last long, as Amity soon tilted her head back and swallowed.It went a little too quickly for Luz’s liking; Amity almost seemed eager. She didn’t want to think it, but she was pretty sure she knew why. She thinks I taste good…She shivered; she did not like that thought at all. But she couldn’t understand why she would taste good. She was pretty sure she would just taste a tiny bit like salt mixed with the texture of her clothes.Luz was slowly squeezed down Amity throat into her stomach. She slipped into her stomach. It didn’t take long before she tried to sit up, but she kept slipping on the slime-covered flesh. S
he gave up and fell flat into the folds. Man, this is way more slippery than I thought it would be…Amity distracted her from her thoughts. “A-are-” Amity couldn’t even get past the first words without stuttering. “Are you okay, Luz?” She didn’t wait for her to respond to the first question before asking the next. “Can you breathe?”Luz felt a little overwhelmed, not able to respond immediately. She was quiet for a few seconds, before she noticed Amity’s heartbeat sped up immensely. “Yes, I can breathe!” She tried to sit up once again, but she only managed to slip and fall face first into slimy flesh.Yuck, this is gross… Even for me. Her standards for considering something gross were pretty high, but being inside her future date’s stomach was definitely up on the list of more disgusting things she had tried on the Boiling Isles. Maybe I should actually make a list… that could be fun… She grimaced. Maybe interesting is more the right word.She heard Amity let out a relieved sigh. “I thought something happened when you stopped moving…”There was an awkward silence between them. It must be strange to stand in front of your siblings and talk to your own stomach. Luz might not have any siblings herself, but she could imagine that being incredibly weird. And Luz had to admit to herself it was strange to talk to someone who had eaten her. She was sitting in complete darkness, covered in slimy liquids, and talking to someone she couldn’t look at, but she knew she was in the stomach of.Amity’s heart was still pounding quicker than it should. Unless a witch’s heart beats faster than a human… Luz hadn’t really thought of that before. But the witch spoke up. “Can I tell you something weird?” she asked nervously.“Sure.” Luz carefully tried to sit up again, but she just slid onto her back instead this time. “But aren’t Ed and Em still here?” Luz was pretty sure that Amity didn’t want them to hear whatever she was going to say.Amity was quiet for a second. “Yes, they are, but it doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that you tasted like…” Amity paused again. “You tasted like something really sweet and I don’t get why.”Luz had figured, but she didn’t know how to respond. “Oh.” That was all she could really get out. It would be weird to point out how Amity had used her as a piece of candy for a brief couple seconds. “That’s strange… Maybe that’s just how…” she felt queasy, before starting over her sentence, “maybe that’s just how humans taste to witches?” She still couldn’t understand that she was lying in Amity’s stomach.Amity was silent, possibly in thought. It took a few slow seconds before she spoke. “Maybe? I don’t know… you’re probably the only human who has been here in ages… I don’t think how humans taste is something that would be documented.” The thought that the last human on the Boiling Isles having been eaten sent a shiver up Luz’s spine. Them having suffered a gruesome bloody death was way more likely than Luz liked to think about. Luckily, Amity snapped her away from her thoughts. “But how long do you have to be in there?”Luz carefully took her phone out her pocket. She felt anxious to turn it on, knowing it would light up Amity’s stomach as soon as she did. She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment, before she decided to turn it on.She kept her eyes shut for a few seconds longer. She slowly opened them a little bit, not wanting to be blinded after sitting in complete darkness. Of course, she didn’t manage to keep her eyes only on her phone when she first opened them.It wasn’t as gross as she had expected, but definitely still unnerving. The walls pulsed lightly around her, reminding her, once again, that they were part of Amity. Focus, she had to tell herself once again. She looked down at her phone, before she remembered something. “I don’t know; I forgot to check, after you ate me.”Amity took in a deep breath, before exhaling in a sigh. “You checked just before that. I think it only makes about a minute’s difference at most.”Luz realized that Amity was right. “Oh, yeah,” she said, focusing on her phone again. “A little over twenty-seven minutes…” Twenty-seven minutes to lie inside Amity’s stomach… that felt like way too long. “So… do you have anything you want to talk about? We got plenty of time for it.” Luz flinched, as Amity’s stomach contracted a little around her. It was strange that the walls around her were so alive. Despite the fact that she knew if they weren’t, that would be way worse.Amity was quiet for a few seconds. “No, I don’t think I want to…” Her heart beat sped up again. “I mean, I love to talk with you, don’t think I don’t; I could talk to you forever without getting bored,” she cut herself off, “but that’s not what I mean, I do want to talk; I just can’t talk to my own stomach, if you understand?” Amity spoke quickly and she sounded nervous.Luz, who hadn’t turned her phone back off, noticed that the flesh surrounding her seemed to darked into a redder color. No way… Luz turned on the flashlight on her phone, getting blinded for a few seconds, but it didn’t take long before she could get a better look at the walls around her. Her stomach is blushing too! “Amity, are you blushing?”Amity’s heart began pounding faster again. “How did you guess that?”Luz did pick up a tiny bit more than just the walls around her turning red. “Well, your tone for one,” she moved around a little, looking at Amity’s stomach in fascination, “but I think your stomach is blushing too!”The shade of red it had taken on darkened. “Seriously?” Amity seemed a slight bit irritated, but it wasn’t what Luz thought she was irritated about. “It’s nowyou pick up on my blushing and tone? It should be even less obvious!”Luz felt a bit embarrassed. “I was the one to ask you out; you can’t complain!” Luz did realize how oblivious she must have seemed, but she had had bigger things on her mind. Like Eda’s curse and Boscha bullying Willow. But another thought hit her. “And you also flush when you’re angry and embarrassed!”Amity calmed down a little. “Why would you think I was angry at you?” There was brief pause, before she continued. “Wait, never mind, don’t answer that. But still, I don’t get how you first picked up on it now, if you are that good at reading tones.”Luz had been about the answer Amity’s first question, but she lost her train of thought when Amity told her not to. She didn’t hear all of what Amity said. “What?” She took a moment to process the other girl’s words. “Oh, yeah, that is really odd… Maybe it’s because I’m not normally in… your stomach-” she took a short time to think about that, shivering, before focusing on their conversation. “-so it’s easier for me to pick up on?”Amity was quiet above her for a few seconds. “Maybe?” she started out sounding like she meant it, but Amity scoffed shortly after. “Luz, that doesn’t make any sense.” Amity sounded like she wasn’t done speaking but her siblings cut her off. A few seconds passed. Luz couldn’t hear what they were saying, only Amity’s replies. “I never asked you to come with me in the first place. See you later.”Luz could only hear the tones of the twins’ voices, but nothing more. Luz waited a few more seconds, trying to figure out if they had left. But it was completely quiet now. Luz decided to speak up. “What were you going to say?”“I was just saying that it doesn’t make any sense for you to suddenly be an expert at reading tones when I have-” Amity’s harsher voice disappeared, “eaten you…” The girl trailed off after that, leaving Luz to wonder if she had been planning to say something else. “This is so gross… How much longer now?”Luz had already gotten a whole explanation for why she would be better at reading tones in an unfamiliar situation rea
dy in her head, but Amity derailed her again. She turned her phone back on, the flashlight still shining on the other end. “Twenty-three minutes,” exclaimed Luz up at her, as the stomach contracted around her again.There was an exasperated groan above her. “How is this ever going to be over?” the witch hissed out. “I just want you out of there and back to normal!”Luz was startled at Amity’s anger. She shifted her phone in her hands, before she reached out to gently brush her hand against Amity’s stomach. It was strange to see how it pushed into the flesh; it was surprisingly squishy. “It’s going to be alright! I’ll just be quiet from now on, if you would like that.”It was silent above her for a few seconds, before she responded. “Yes, I would like that.”Luz was about to respond, but she decided it was probably better if she stayed completely quiet. She squirmed around, lying on her back again, and looked up at the stomach. I wonder if I can reach up there… She put her phone down on her chest, before she stretched her arms up to touch the walls.She discovered that she could, in fact, reach them. She pushed her hands into the folds, starting to get used to the slimy feeling, as she brushed her hands against the wet flesh. It would be a little awkward if Amity could feel what she was doing, but she doubted it.She pulled her arms back down, just staring into the walls again. She stared into the flesh for a few seconds, before she sighed. She was getting a little bored, when she couldn’t talk to Amity anymore. You have to respect her decision…But she was still getting a little antsy. She began tapping her foot against the stomach.She didn’t like the small splat noise it made. Eugh. Her phone slid off her chest, as she unthinkingly shifted to lie on her side.She felt a brief second of panic, as it went dark, before she grabbed her phone out from the folds. She got blinded as soon as the flashlight was exposed again. She turned the flashlight off, before trying to get her phone into her pocket.Suddenly, Amity shouted, which nearly gave her a heart attack. “Luz!” Luz dropped her phone, this time really going into a panic. Shoot! I can’t lose it in here!Amity continued, not knowing what had happened. “Can you please sit still? I keep feeling you move around; it’s weird.”Luz managed to regain her composure long enough to respond. “Not now; I just dropped my phone!” She couldn’t see a thing, as she brushed her hands against the slimy folds of Amity’s stomach. I have to find it! She felt the hairs on the back of neck stand on end, as she continued to run search in between the flesh; she had no idea she hated slimy textures that much until she touched them while in a panic.Amity’s breath had halted as soon as Luz told she got told that she had lost her phone in there. It was first now she breathed again. “Can I do anything?” she asked in a panic.Amity’s heartbeat was thunderingly loud to Luz’s ears. “Can you try to calm down?” Luz realized how panicked her own voice was. “I mean, take a couple deep breaths, and I’ll figure this out.” It can’t leave her stomach that quickly… Luz took a deep breath of her own, before continuing her search.She felt after something plastic, feeling her panic rise again. She could not lose her phone inside Amity! Take a deep breath… She kept trying to tell herself.Amity’s heartbeat was still pounding in her ears, but she did her best ignore it. The sound of Amity’s deep breaths helped Luz remember to take her own deep breaths, before she heard, and felt, something crinkle under her fingers.Her eyes widened, as she grabbed her phone. “Found it!” Her shoulders relaxed immediately, and she quickly pocketed it. “I’ll sit still now,” promised Luz, lying on her back finally relaxing a little in the belly of her so far just friend.There was a relieved sigh above her. “I’m sorry… That was my fault, wasn’t it?” There was a guilty tone to Amity’s voice.Luz hesitated in responding, “I wouldn’t necessarily call it your fault…” She squirmed a bit, not really sure what to do with herself. “I’m just a bit clumsy, and you startled me when you yelled my name.” She didn’t want to put the blame on Amity, when she was being clumsy.Amity exhaled noticeably deeper. “No, I shouldn’t have yelled at you; that was really not okay.” She drew in a slow, deep, breath, but her heartbeat sped up. “If we’re going to be-” Her heart continued to pound just as quickly, if not a little quicker than before. “If we’re going to be… a couple; I need to stop lashing out at you like this… I’m sorry, Luz.”Luz thought about it. “I forgive you.” She had forgiven Amity, before she even had to consider it; she was thinking of something else. “I just don’t think this is a thing you should really be apologizing for…” Luz thought over her words. “I mean, I was making you really uncomfortable by moving around in here. And we’ve both been pretty on edge today.” Luz patted the slimy flesh, before running her hand over it. Her face heated up, when she realized what she was doing. “Oh, I should sit still.”Amity’s breath had hitched in surprise. “You don’t have to sit still, if it bothers you.” There were a few seconds of silence, before Amity spoke up again. “I get not being able to sit still. It’s very hard to sit still when I’m nervous…”Luz raised an eyebrow, despite knowing Amity couldn’t see her. “You have a hard time sitting still?” She had never pictured Amity as the fiddly, can’t sit still type. “Weren’t you a top student?”“Well, I’m never nervous in class… I get nervous around you…” Amity took in a deeper breath again, and slowly exhaled. “Like when I rub my neck, or move my hands more when I speak… It’s small things, but I get it.”Luz nodded absentmindedly, before once again realizing Amity couldn’t see her. “I didn’t even notice!” She replied in a hurry. But it did remind her of something. “Was that why you used me as a stim toy back at the library?” Luz remembered how nervous Amity had been, when trying to ask a favor from River.There was another couple seconds of silence, before Amity piped up in confusion. “What’s… a stim toy?” It was pretty clear by the sound of her voice she had no clue what that could be.“It’s something people can use to fidget with in their hands!” Luz had some mainstream stim toys, but she had tried some more obscure stuff too. Specifically, when her mami had tried to find something to help her focus more on her classes. Of course, the teachers took them away from her, considering them more disruptive, but that was an entirely different thing. “It can be anything, really! Something to squish, buttons to press on, things to spin or something to curl around your fingers! I have a spin-y kind back at the Owl House; I can show you!”Luz waited for Amity to say something, but she had gone quiet after Luz finished speaking.Luz figured it was just her being uncomfortable with speaking to her own stomach. She tried to relax, but something about being stuck in Amity’s stomach made her more and more restless and nervous.Amity suddenly spoke up in a startled voice. “I’m sorry, I nodded, I forgot you can’t see me!” Amity let out a small huffy laugh. “I didn’t mean to use you as a stim toy either… I was just really nervous, because I didn’t know how River would take the fact that he was helping me eat you.”Luz felt relieved that Amity was still going to talk with her, before she suddenly remembered something else. “Uh, do you remember when River used they them pronouns for me?” asked Luz, a little bit nervous to get to her point. What if she won’t date me if I actually prefer gender neutral pronouns? She frowned at the thought, but she couldn’t take her words back now.“Yes, I do,” said Amity, there was a bit of confusion to her voice. “Would you l
ike to try using they them pronouns for you in a sentence?” Amity didn’t sound hateful about it, just curious.Luz swallowed, so far, Amity didn’t seem to have a problem with it. “Yes, I would like that,” admitted Luz.“Alright, just give me a minute; I need to come up with something.” Amity’s heart sped up a little, but her breathing remained calm and steady. A few more seconds past before Amity spoke again. “There’s just something about Luz that I don’t feel about any other person,” Luz noticed Amity’s heart speeding up even more. “They’re just the most wonderful, yet crazy and… a little bit dumb person I have ever met.” Luz felt a bit conflicted, as Amity insulted her. “But I think that’s what I love so much about them. They are bold and not afraid to stand up for what they think is right… And I admire them so much I don’t think I’ll ever find words for it.” A second of silence passed, before Amity spoke again. “That’s an excerpt from my diary with different pronouns, but don’t go snooping again.”Luz felt incredibly overwhelmed. “I won’t,” promised Luz. “But thank you for that, Amity.” Amity thought that highly of her? She still wasn’t sure, if she preferred they or she pronouns. It was nice to hear herself being called they them, but she liked one about as much as the other. “But I still I don’t know, if I want to go by they or she…”Amity’s tone was sweet, when she spoke. “Take your time; I don’t mind either way.”Luz took another moment to think over Amity’s words earlier. She had insulted her, but everything else sounded a bit unbelievable to her. She knew Amity admired her, but she had described something with the word love. Amity loves something about me… What could she even say that she loved about Amity? What was it that caught her? It was something more than looks for sure, but she couldn’t put words on it at all. Maybe it was her softer side? But she barely knew that yet… A date was definitely needed on Luz side; she barely knew Amity.It was quiet between to two for a little longer, but Luz was a little more comfortable with the silence. Luz shifted, before she slipped down again. She finally let herself relax into the folds; it was still gross, but it felt nowhere near as bad as before.Luz spoke up, “how much can you feel of this?” She was curious how much Amity could feel of her movements in her stomach. She did tell me to sit even though I was barely moving.“I can feel when you rub your hands against my stomach…” Luz felt a bit embarrassed, as Amity continued. “Why were you even doing that?”“Well… I was trying to comfort you two times, and one of the other times I just wanted to see if I could reach the walls above me,” confessed Luz. “I know that probably made you really uncomfortable… I promise that wasn’t on purpose.”Amity took a deep breath, “It was just weird to feel… Isn’t it weird for you too?” she continued, clarifying what she meant. “Isn’t it weird being in my stomach? It’s really strange for me to know you’re in there, so when you move around or speak… it’s unnerving.”“Oh, yeah, this is so gross, but I think less about by talking with you. I didn’t realize how much I hate slimy textures before now!” Luz felt a shiver run up her spine thinking about it.But Amity just laughed. “Luz, you were literally covered in abomination goo when we first met!”“That’s doesn’t mean I liked it!” But Luz couldn’t help laughing with Amity. “But abomination goo is stickier than this too, so it’s not the same.”They talked and joked until it eventually became time for Amity to let Luz out. “I still can’t believe I had to eat you…” muttered Amity, as she was trying to figure out how to get Luz back up. “Do you think I should just try to make myself gag?”Luz didn’t really have any thought on the matter. “Whatever you think will work.” She couldn’t wait to back to her normal height. “I don’t think one option will make it more pleasant for me than the other,” she said with a laugh to her voice.###Amity hummed, before Luz could hear the girl starting to gag, and the stomach constricted around her.She felt the liquids around her forcing their way up past her. For a moment she was scared she was going to drown, but the fluids didn’t surround her for long. She was pushed upwards shortly after. She hated every moment of it, as she was steadily, yet agonizingly slowly pushed back up Amity’s throat.She was surprised to see she was in an entirely different place than where Amity ate her. She had no idea she had been moving.She fell on the ground, getting the wind knocked out of her immediately. But she was otherwise okay.Amity was still dry heaving above her, looking sick. Luz scampered away, scared that she somehow had something more to throw up. She did not want to get showered in bile.But Amity just gagged a couple more times, before she sat and looked miserable. “Are you okay, Luz? I didn’t mean for you to hit the ground from so high up.” Amity swallowed, and grimaced, as the taste of her vomit hit her. “I’m never doing that again…”Luz felt bad for her. “You should get something to wash out your mouth with…”Amity nodded, “yeah…” a conflicted expression fell across her face. “but I’m going to wait until you’re back to normal.”Luz was about to argue, before she realized there wasn’t much point to it; it would take a minute tops after she was out of Amity’s stomach.Barely a few seconds passed, before Luz grew back to her normal height. She was still covered in gross slimes and liquids, but she was distracted from that by Amity who still needed something to wash out her mouth with.###Luz’s eyes fell on her stomach, staring in disbelief for a few seconds. I was in there…She was pretty sure this was going to make it pretty high on the list weirdest days, she would have to explain to her mom. I might leave this one out till later. There was no reason for her to know how exactly the day she got her first date went. The first date she hoped she could tell her about, but the details of how she got there wouldn’t be important.They stood and stared at each other for a while, before Amity looked away and spoke up. “I think I’m going to go alone… I don’t think that I’ll be able to look you in the eyes while drinking or eating anything ever.” But Luz saw the nervous smile on her face, so she had to guess it wasn’t entirely true.“So I guess dinner dates are out of the questions?” said Luz with an awkward expression. She had to admit it would be weird to watch Amity eat after knowing what it was like being inside her stomach. “You do have time tomorrow for the date anyways, right?”Amity smile widened after Luz asked about the dinner date, before she answered Luz’s second question. “Yes, I’ve got plenty of time tomorrow…” Amity looked into Luz’s eyes; there seemed to be something so soft in her gaze, before she shook her head. “I have to go. Was it around noon you wanted to meet?”Luz nodded. “Yeah, that would be perfect!” She wanted to spend as much time with Amity as possible. She was about to hug the girl, before she considered the fact that she was covered in slimy goop. “Can I-”Luz didn’t even get to ask the question, before Amity tackled her in a hug. She wasn’t used to this from Amity, but she immediately wrapped her arms around the girl.Amity nuzzled her head against Luz like a cat would. Luz couldn’t stop herself from smiling. She loved Amity. What way or why she wasn’t exactly sure, but she knew she loved her in some way. And she knew it was one of the happiest feelings she had ever felt.The hug lasted a long time, before Amity finally let go. “See you tomorrow, Luz.”Luz felt her heart pound lightly, as she looked at Amity. “Yeah, see you tomorrow.”The End


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