The Paradise of Direct Download and Free Streaming (Guide & Address)

How to access the new Tirexo v4 address? The sites of direct download and free streaming are presented as catalogs of films, series, applications and music with links allowing them to be downloaded from online hosting services.

That said, there is a lot of movement in direct download sites, hunted down by authorities, and often replaced with bad clones when they get busted. Tirexo now holds the upper hand even after the change of addresses namely Tirexo v3 and Tirexo v4.

In this article, we share the complete guide to know how to access the new Tirexo address which replaces Zone telechargement as well as the steps for download directly or watch in streaming for free and without registration.

What is direct download?

The direct download sites are presented as catalogs of films and series, with links allowing them to be downloaded from online hosting services such as 1fichier, UptoBox, Mega, etc. The former are paid through advertising, the latter by offering Internet users subscriptions to download without limitations.

Indeed, all this while playing cat and mouse with the authorities: remember, distributing or retrieving copyrighted works in this way is illegal.

For a long time, in terms of downloading, the front of the stage was occupied by BitTorrent or other “peer-to-peer” systems (“peer to peer” because all participants occupy an equivalent place, without a central server) .

Thus, many works being downloaded illegally in this way, the HADOPI law tackled them on the basis that all the users participating in the sharing are all committing an offense. Result: a massive shift towards direct download (or DDL, for Direct Download), in which we draw on a server, without sharing the recovered files oneself.

In this model, files are hosted on an online storage service, such as Uptobox, 1Fichier, RapidGator and others. Direct download sites like Tirexo and Download zone only provide a link to these files, which you typically download through your browser.

For the user, it is easier than BitTorrent, but the choice is less extensive, there are hardly any confidential works for direct download. For the hosts, little risk: they are simply required to delete illegal files when the rights holders request it.

As for the hosts of the sites, they play cat and mouse with the authorities, re-uploading files after deletion, hosting their sites in complacent countries, and changing their URL when it is banned.

However, in the next section we will focus on the new Tirexo address and how to use it to download or watch streaming for free.

Tirexo Direct Download and Free Streaming

Tirexo is presented as the 1st direct download and free French-speaking streaming site. There is indeed a plethora of offers, not only films and series, but also software, games, Music, ebooks… Very well done, the site makes it easy to shop.

Only the procedure for accessing the download links may seem confusing at first, but once familiarized, no more problem. These links refer to file hosts, limited in free version (one download at a time, restricted speed, etc.).

You can proceed to checkout to download more and faster, knowing that Tirexo is completely free. Please note, an ad blocker is recommended.

In the next section, we share the new Tirexo v4 address to avoid clones because, yes, the new address is not available in the search results.

Tirexo becomes PapaFlix

At the end of April 2022, Tirexo announced its official closure. One of the most important illegal streaming sites in France has closed its doors, without disclosing the reasons for this sudden stop. At the same time, another pirate site popular with Internet users has announced the end of the adventure: Zone-Telechargement. One of the most important illegal streaming sites in France has closed its doors, without disclosing the reasons for this sudden stop.

At first, the administrators of Tirexo suggested that the pirate site was indeed dead. A few days ago, those responsible for the platform have however announced the great return of Tirexo under a new name:

Tirexo’s new address, PapaFlix, is in beta version, but fully functional: you can find not only a lot of content there, classified by category, with an efficient search engine, but also new films and series. It was the platform administrators who announced it on the Telegram group associated with Tirexo, warning of the presence of some bugs.

To escape the authorities, the administrators of pirate sites must regularly change their address. This trick allows you to bypass blocking by ISPs. Indeed, the procedure to request the blocking of an address is long and tedious. It is probably with this in mind that Tirexo was renamed PapaFlix.

Darkino: The new address Tirexo

Currently you understand the reason why the site frequently changes addresses, namely Tirexo v3, Tirexo v4 and PapaFlix, indeed it is generally a change of address only, the content remains the same on the new address Tirexo (Darkino).

Since July 2022, Tirexo seems to be inaccessible from all addresses: Tirexo, Papaflix and Palixi. The site is blocked by the authorities and for the moment no update from the administrators. We invite you to consult this article periodically to follow the updates of the site in the meantime, you can use the Tirexo alternatives in the following section.

Please note, the other addresses / extensions are only “Fake” clones or old addresses:

  • (Official – new address)
  • (new address)
  • (redirect)
  • (redirect)
  • (redirect)
  • (redirect)
  • (redirect)

A few weeks after its sudden closure, Tirexo, one of the largest French-speaking illegal download and streaming sites, returns under the name PapaFlix.

If the new Tirexo v4 address does not work in your region, we invite you to consult the following article to find out how change DNS to unblock blocked sites.

By the way, you may have noticed it if you monitor Twitter but Tirexo’s official Twitter account has been susp
ended by the platform. Thus, Tirexo has also announced on its site that it will no longer use Twitter and have now switched to the platform. et Telegram.

Darkino: the new address that replaces Tirexo, Palixi and Papaflix

Darkino is the new address that replaces Tirexo, Palixi and Papaflix, the three biggest illegal download sites known for their pirated content. After months of absence, these sites are back under a new name: Darkino. With a modernized interface, this site offers a host of pirated content to download (films, series, software, games, music, etc.). What to compensate for the closure of sites like Download zone et Extreme Download

Darkino is easy to navigate and offers a variety of different content. Users can search and download movies, series, software, games, music and e-books. The contents are divided by category, which facilitates navigation. There are also links to free streaming sites and playlists for different types of content.

Darkino offers more than 38 films, more than 000 classic and new series, nearly 12 anime, 000 documentaries, shows and television shows, around 8 games, 000 software, 10 ebooks and some 000 8 songs. Moreover, the quality of the contents is excellent and all the files are safe and virus-free.

Finally, for the moment the new address is accessible directly in google or via the URL:

How to download to Tirexo

For direct download or to watch free streaming, the steps on Tirexo are quite simple.

1. Perform a search on Tirexo v4

Type the title of the movie or series in the search box at the top. Or click on Films (or Series), just below, choose All, and use the search filters to find what you are looking for: film genre, country of origin, year of release, image and sound quality, tongue. Click on the thumbnail that interests you to find out more.

2. Choose a version

Poster, description, various information, note, all the elements presented allow you to confirm (or not) your choice. Scroll down the Choose other qualities list to see the proposed formats, by checking the size of the corresponding file in the list of links below. For series, another drop-down list allows you to select a season.

3. Go to the link

The red Download Now button is tempting, but it’s not the one to use! See the list of links offered by the different hosts, and click on the Download link corresponding to the one of your choice. In the window that opens, click Continue to see the link. The latter finally appears: click on it.

4. Download

The next window depends on the host. Often, without registration, you have to wait a few tens of seconds before you can click on the download button (read carefully, the most obvious button is not always the right one). And you will have to wait a good hour between two downloads. With practice, operations become routine.

Which site to replace Tirexo?

We never go our separate ways after presenting good sites without suggesting alternatives just in case. There are several similar sites to replace Tirexo v3.

That said, if Tirexo doesn’t work or if you haven’t found your favorite movie then we invite you to discover the full list of top best sites like Tirexo for direct download and free streaming :

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Optimize your direct downloads

To centralize, control and optimize your downloads, entrust operations to specialized software such as Ant Download Manager.

Indeed, this simple software displays all the downloads in progress, with their level of progress and their status. You can also pause a download, or modulate its speed.

Thus, you access the history, the list of current downloads, or scheduled operations. You can also install the Ant Dowload Manager extension to access the software directly from your browser.

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This is where our Tirexo guide ends, if you have any questions we invite you to write to us in the comments section, and don’t forget to share the article!

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