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Please submit your artwork into the correct folder. If a folder gets full, alert the group as soon as possible.

Mature Tickling: This folder is for any pictures that show ‘private’ body parts or show mature/erotic tickling.

Bellies and Bellybuttons: Pictures/Photos of belies and bellybuttons and/or of them getting tickled.

Paws and Furry Tickling: For pictures of paws and and furry/anthro creatures getting tickled.

Feet – Folder 2: Photos of feet and pictures/artwork of feet getting tickled

Armpits: Photos of feet and pictures/artwork of armpits getting tickled

Bondage: Pictures/photos of bondage and/or bondage with tickling

Playful Tickling: This folder is for your standard tickle pictures. Got a picture of people been tickled that is okay for all to view? It belongs in this folder.

Tickle Monsters: For pictures of people, anthros, aliens, etc. getting tickled by the ”floating hands/feathers’ or by actual monsters.

Tickler and Ticklish Deviants – Self Portraits: This folder is for ID photos of you; the members and contributors. You do not have to add your photos if you do not want to.

Stories, Comics and Journals: A folder for your stories, comics and journals related to tickling.

Animation, Videos and Games: Animated tickling pics, flash games and/or other online games about tickling go here.

OC’s and Roleplay: This folder is for pictures of your OCs (whether they be ticklers or ticklees) and roleplay pictures/stories.

The Shop: If you’ve got a ticklish/tickler adoptable or something tickling related you want to show off or sell, place it here. Premium images also go into this folder.

Other: For artwork that is tickle related but doesn’t fit into the other groups for various reasons.

This group will not tolerate bullying, trolling, prejudice or discrimination of any kind.
If you are found to be in violation of this rule, you will be removed from the group immediately.

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