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Tsugu Tsugumomo Season 3 is eagerly anticipated by fans after two excellent seasons of the anime. Its second season concluded about a year ago, and now everyone is eagerly anticipating the anime’s third season. Fans are growing impatient to see the future arcs of the manga series animated since they already know how good they are. So, have the producers renewed the show for a third season? Here are the most up-to-date details.

Tsugu Tsugumomo is a Japanese supernatural romance comedy anime series. It is a remake of Yoshikazu Kamada’s manga series of the same name. The preceding two episodes of the show were animated by Zero-G Animation Studio. The anime’s first season was aired from April to June 2017, with the second season premiering three years later in April 2020. After twelve episodes, the sequel premiered on June 20 of the same year.

Myanimelist gave the program an average rating, and it has a vast MAL group. This describes how popular the show was. The large fandom drove the original creators to create season 2 of the program, and now it’s time for the third installment. Though no official information has been released about the third season, there are some intriguing possibilities. So, here are all the things we know about Tsugu Tsugumomo Season 3.

Tsugu Tsugumomo Season 3 Release Date ?

Few people thought director Ryichi Kuraya could do the job. However, the outcome surpassed all expectations and stunned all detractors. Despite Ryichi’s lack of expertise in making anime series, “Tsugumomo” is well-liked by most anime viewers. Season 2 will be released in April 2020 as a consequence of this devotion. Light romantic comedy’s appeal has just recently begun to develop. Is there going to be a second season of the anime? Season 2’s ending offers reason to believe that it will be continued.

We’ll also consider the fact that Season 2 was released after a three-year hiatus. Based on the release pattern, the third one is likely to take the same length of time. As a result, fans may look forward to the opening episode of Tsugu Tsugumomo Season 3 in April 2023.More details will be added to this area as they become available. So stay tuned to The Anime Daily for any future developments.

Tsugu Tsugumomo Season 3 Renewal Status

  • The first is the show’s fanbase. The Anime has amassed a sizable fan base all around the world. The show’s fan base is large enough to warrant a third edition. It also received an average rating on my anime list.
  • The second season of the series, like the first, garnered a positive reaction. Both the crowd and the reviewers appreciated the Anime and gave it excellent reviews. Furthermore, the second installment gets a high rating of 7.48 on MyAnimeList. Again, both the manga and the Anime have a sizable fan base. The anime adaptation has received a green light from the creators. Furthermore, the production firm has a large amount of source material for Tsugu Tsugumo Season 3.
  • It’s also worth noting that the second season was released three years after the first. As a result, the release of Season 3 may be delayed.

If we make a forecast based on these possibilities, the third edition of the Anime will not be released before 2023. The program might premiere in the middle to late fall of 2023.

Anime Compared To The Manga

Throughout both volumes, the animation remained steadfastly faithful to the manga. It has already covered the first seven key plot lines. Although the adaptation’s tempo was a touch rapid, the manga’s narrative was not altered. The 22nd segment of the Sunao Sumeragi arc concluded the anime’s first installment. On the other hand, the second season followed this arc and subsequently began to adapt the storyline until the manga’s 71st chapter.

Tsugu Tsugumomo Season 3 will start at the 72nd chapter, which also marks the start of the Kanaka Memories arc. The author has produced 26 books of his masterwork, but the manga is still missing. As a result, viewers won’t have to worry about its source material for the next two or three seasons.



Tsugumomo is an original manga series written and illustrated by Yoshikazu Hamada, as noted at the beginning of this page. Futabasha’s manga series, which has been published in numerous publications since 2007, has 26 volumes to date. The manga series’ last book was released on December 10, 2020, and it is still running; fantastic news for the original material.

There were 12 episodes plus an OVA in the first season, while the second season had 12 episodes. It includes the first 14 volumes of the manga’s total of 25 books. The remaining volumes are more than enough for the second season. There does not appear to be a difficulty in terms of adequate source material for filming a third season of the anime.

Main characters

Kasumi Kagami Kazuya’s older sister. When his brothers shout from his room, you will always see her reply. We’ll constantly see her sprinting to his brother’s room, armed with items such as a frying pan. Kazuya dislikes his sister being overly protective of him. She has a particular bond with his brother.

Kiriha is the second main lead in the show. She is a spirit girl with blue hair who came out of Kazuya’s obi; since she twice saved Kazuya’s life, the guy is now her slave; by nature rude, selfish, domineering, emotional, decisive, self-confident, at the same time carefree and quite lazy; does not think about the consequences of her hasty actions; Kiricha’s main desire is to satisfy her whim.

Kazuya Kagami portrayed the lead character in the movie Animal. In a Japanese school, he is an ordinary student. No one would describe him as a perfect boy; he is just like the other males. Strange things began to happen to him when he met Kiriha. Then Kazuya Kagami decided to form a club so that troubled kids may come to him for assistance. But, over time, Kazuya’s eyes changed; he has good combat capabilities; by nature, he is friendly, responsible, fearless, and always willing to aid or defend someone. Everything changed abruptly as mysterious occurrences began to occur around him.

Kukuri Hakusan Shrine’s native goddess. Water is her specialty. Although she is a Goddess, she is inferior financially. Her Shrine was devastated by a natural digester, and she is now forced to live with Kazuya.

Kokuyou a crow ghost and the Maiden of Hakusan Shrine. She looks after Kakuri, the local goddess, and resides at Kazuya’s house.

Kanaka is Kazuya and Kasumi’s mother and the former owner of Kiriha. She is a fo
rmidable woman.

Interesting Facts

  • Yoshikazu Hamada created the manga of the same name. The manga was initially released in 2007 by the Comic Seed! Futabasha publishing firm. As of May 2020, 25 volumes had been published.
  • Ryichi Kuraya directed the first two seasons of the anime. In the field of anime directing, he is considered a newcomer. Nonetheless, his work was well regarded by reviewers and audiences alike. Many people are familiar with Kuraya’s work as a director, including “Overlord,” “My Roommate is a Cat,” “The Irregular at Magic High School,” “My Love Story!!,” and “23 Slaves and Me,” for which Ryichi served as a scriptwriter.
  • In January 2020, a 20-minute anime film titled “Tsugumomo” was released in OVA format on the big screen, presenting the adventure narrative of the main characters from the manga’s 24th volume.

Tsugu Tsugumomo Season 3 Story

In the final episode of the season, all Kagami’s mother has left her is an obi that smells like Sakura flowers. We observe how a girl with gleaming blue hair begins to enter his fantasies. And when he awoke, he first discovered something similar that smelled like Sakura flowers, and then he saw his dream girl. His ambition became a reality. The girl he saw in his dreams emerged in real life and protected Kagami from foes.

Her arrival, however, was for a cause. Kazuya is now Spirit’s female slave. She is intolerable, has a bad temper, and is self-centered. So, what does Kagami need to do now to grant all of her wishes? There will be some trade. Season 3’s narrative might pick up where season 2 left off.

Tsugu Tsugumomo Season 3 Trailer Release Updates ?

As of now, there is no indication on Tsugu Tsugumomo Season 3 release date. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons yet, binge watch them on Netflix. Season 3’s trailer is shown below.

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