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If you have ever wanted to give “control” of your pleasure to a succubus, Virtual Succubus is the game for you. This is a jerk off instruction game and most of the fun you are going to get out of it actually all depends on how vivid your imagination is. This game is a passion project of just one game developer and it is pretty impressive what they have managed to do so far.

Sign Your Name Across My Heart

The story of the game is that you are just a regular joe who one day comes across the sexiest and most alluring succubus. The succubus manages to get you to sign a contract with her stating that all rights to your pleasure are signed off to her and she decides when and if you get to have any kind of release.

I thought that the premise of Virtual Succubus was actually pretty cool and a great idea. The AI in the game is quite clever in that it will change so you are never sure exactly how she is going to react to you.

Making Her Happy

The gameplay on offer here sees you trying to please her. She will give you various instructions, missions and things to do that will please her and if you do it right, she will instruct you on how you can find some of that sweet, sweet release!

There is not what you would call traditional gameplay on offer here in Virtual Succubus, but it is still a very, very interesting experience and the way it will change things up each time you play really does keep you on your toes the whole time through. More and more stuff is apparently going to be added and that is pretty cool. There is a free demo version online right now, but to get the full experience you will need to pay for it.

Yes Mistress

As far as the presentation goes, I feel that a very cute and sexy succubus has been created here. You have a lot that you can do with her, but the game is rather basic in terms of the backgrounds and overall presentation. To be fair, I do feel that this is on purpose as your sole attention is meant to be on her.

I do feel that the game would feel far more interactive if she was fully voice acted. As it is, the writing gets her personality across. I just feel that voice acting would give it that little bit extra.


I have to be honest and say that I know that jerk off instruction games are not for everyone and I see them more as a curiosity rather than an actual game if I am being real with you. However, I do feel that Virtual Succubus has a very interesting approach to things and the way that the AI can change does make it one of the more unique ones that is out there.


  • You sell your soul to a succubus!
  • The way she looks is great
  • The whole game makes you feel naughty
  • I liked the idea of the game
  • It is still getting updated rather frequently


  • These types of game are most certainly not for everyone
  • Voice acting would do wonders for this game!

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