What Is Lyft XL? How to Get a Lyft for up to 6 Passengers

  • A Lyft XL vehicle is large enough to accommodate up to six passengers, as opposed to the normal four passenger limit on a standard Lyft ride. 
  • Lyft XL rides typically cost more than a standard Lyft ride, but the fare can be spread out across more passengers and is often the most economical option for a large group. 
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If you are in a group of up to six people and you’re all headed to the same place (or at least in the same direction), then a Lyft XL might be your best choice for transportation. 

The Lyft XL designation means that the vehicle is big enough to accommodate six riders, in addition to the driver. A standard Lyft ride can only accommodate four passengers. 

Lyft XL — which was previously called Lyft Plus — uses larger vehicles such as minivans and SUVs, and ensures every passenger has a seatbelt. 

An XL ride will typically cost more in total than a regular Lyft ride, but you can share the expense with multiple riders, thus making Lyft XL the most frugal way to share a ride when you are with a large group.

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How to request a Lyft XL ride

1. Open the Lyft app on your iPhone or Android and enter your destination.

2. Select “Lyft XL” from the menu at the bottom of the next screen. 

3. If the Lfyt XL option does not show up immediately, you may need to swipe right to the tab that says “Extra Seats” to select an XL. 

3. Select Lyft XL and confirm your pickup location.

And that’s it. Just like that, a van or SUV large enough to safely fit your group of up to six passengers will be on its way.

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