What Is the Meaning of 108087 in Chainsaw Man? Why Does the Number Keep Appearing in CSM Part 2? The Best Theories Explained

Why does an oddly-specific number keep appearing in Chainsaw Man Part 2? Just what does 108087 mean in Chainsaw Man? We’ve gathered all the best theories to explain what its meaning might be in the series.

Most of the latest Chainsaw Man manga chapters aren’t available in print yet, but hawk-eyed fans have made an interesting and slightly unsettling discovery.


The number 108087 has been planted in many recent manga panels. It could be nothing, but given Chainsaw Man’s occasional horrors, any mystery slightly unnerves us. So, here’s what we know so far!

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108087 and Chainsaw Man Part 2: An Odd Background Story

The number 108087 started showing up in Chainsaw Man Part 2 panels, mostly in billboards, buildings, and other similar background elements that are easy to miss.

So far, this element hasn’t served any purpose in the story. It also doesn’t relate to any date or other plot point that we can trace.

Yet, it keeps appearing, so fans can’t help discussing it and thinking it might eventually lead to something.


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What Does 108087 Mean in Chainsaw Man? Here Are the Best Theories (So Far)!

Fans have come up with a number of theories about the significance of the number 108087 in Chainsaw Man. And these theories range from mundane, to spiritual, to utterly creepy.

1. Date

Given that Chainsaw Man takes place in an alternate world in the 1990s, one of our first thoughts was that the number could be a date; a reference to something that happened on the 10th of August 1987.


However, we can’t be confident about this theory because of the ’80’ in the middle, which, in that case, should be ’08’ instead.

2. Denji’s Dreams

Some fans went on to reread Chapter 10, Chapter 80, and Chapter 87 in hopes of finding clues.

Chapter 10 has Denji’s battle against the Leech Devil, with the former saying “let’s have a dream battle.”

In Chapter 80, Denji states that his wish is to be a dog, while Chapter 87 is a bit more interesting as it speaks of the Four Horsemen, with two of them, namely the War Devil and the Hunger Devil appearing later in Part 2.

While any theory with these elements is bound to be a bit flimsy, this could potentially be an allusion to Denji’s character development.


Denji would often talk about his dreams to Pochita, who was like a pet dog to him. However, the one dream he does get to live out in Part 1 is that of living like a dog himself.

His basic needs were met and he got affection, but he didn’t get to make his own decisions or use his agency. The reason? Makima, one of the Four Horsemen.

Fast forward to Part 2, and Denji has learned a thing or two about the tragic consequences of giving up his agency to a good-looking stranger.

We wouldn’t say he’s wised up, but he has had some character development.

And yet, unbeknownst to him, Denji is now dating Asa Mitaka, a Fiend sharing her life with the War Devil, another one of the Four Horsemen, likely thinking that he’s living his dating dream.

Could the number be an allusion to that? Maybe, but there are other theories too.


3. Staff Easter Egg

For those who are not into supernatural explanations, a fan has tweeted about the possibility of the number paying homage to Fujimoto’s assistant, Hanachika Toyama.

This isn’t the most fun or mind-blowing as theories go, but we could definitely see it being a possibility, as creators can and often do plant Easter eggs about themselves or their collaborators into their work.

4. Chemistry


But what if you crave something more concrete? One of our favorite theories comes from chemistry!

Fans on Reddit and Twitter have looked up the number 108087 and found out that it’s the catalog number for sodium potassium tartrate, also known as Rochelle salt.

It’s also a chemical used to kill cockroaches. Could a Cockroach Devil be in our future? We could totally see it happening.

5. Buddhism and the Future Devil

If you dig even further, fans will offer obscure and spiritual theories, too. A Reddit user notes that the number 108 can have spiritual significance in Buddhism, signifying the future, or something divine.

The fan notes that the Future Devil’s room in the anime is number 108, while the manga only shows that it is past room 102 without specifying the exact number.

If the numbers are separated as 108 (a symbolic number in Buddism) and 087, then we just need to figure out what 87 means.

Something Hidden That Will Return

Chapter 87 refers to Devils who have been eaten by Chainsaw Man, but somehow still persist.

Some fans imagine a “Bad Wolf” scenario — “a hint of something erased but not fully, or something trying to return.”

Once again, such a theory might seem far-fetched, but we do love the anime addition about the Future Devil’s room, especially since others also suggest that the number might be associated with the future.


Moreover, Chapter 87 keeps coming up as well, not only because it’s the first reference to the Four Horsemen but also because they’re the ones who still remember the names of the devils that Chainsaw Man has eaten.

Could the number 108087 then allude to something hidden that will return?

108087 in Chainsaw Man

Ultimately, we can’t know the significance of 108087 until a significant plot twist comes up to confirm or debunk the rumors.

The number could be a staff Easter egg that doesn’t affect the plot, or it might be significant to the story too.

What’s for sure is that we can’t wait to find out more!


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