Where to Farm Lovely Charms for “Love is in the Air” (2023)

The ever-popular World of Warcraft MMO is running the Valentine’s Day event, “Love is in the Air”, from 6 to 20 February 2023. During this period, players will be able to own various unique items such as the Swift Lovebird mount, Lovebird Hatchling pet, or fancy Transmogs using Love Tokens. Here’s how you can farm and turn Lovely Charms items you get from enemies into Love Tokens in WOW “Love is in the Air” 2023 event.

How to Turn Lovely Charms into Love Token

First, you need to talk to Kwee Q. Peddlefeet in one of your faction’s capital cities to obtain the Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit. Once you have the Kit, defeat enemies that give XP and Honor for a chance of obtaining Lovely Charms. Craft a Lovely Charm Bracelet using 10 Lovely Charms. These Bracelets can then be traded with the Lovely Merchant for Love Tokens.

Where to Farm Lovely Charms for WOW “Love is in the Air” Event in 2023

The best way to obtain to farm Lovely Charms is by heading to areas where enemies around your levels respawn at a rapid rate, such as:

  • Gorgrond (for Level 45 and above):
    • The Everbloom Dungeon
  • Val’sharah (for Level 50 and above):
    • Moonclaw Vale
    • Gloaming Reef
  • Eye of Azshara/Broken Isles (for Level 50 and above):
    • Saltsea Droplets
  • Karazhan Dungeon (for Level 50 and above)
  • Tower of the Damned, Shadowlands (for Level 60 and above)
    • Any Torghast Wings, Layer 1
  • Dragon Isles (for Level 70):
    • Flashfrost Assault, The Waking Shores
    • Roaring Dragonsprings, Ohn’ahran Plains
    • Cobalt Assembly, The Azure Span

Aside from knowing where to farm, the most effective method to farm Lovely Charms is by using classes like Death Knight, Druid, and Hunter, which lets you deal area-of-effect damage from a distance.

Do take note that the “Love is in the Air” event rewards are account-wide. So, if you just started playing WOW recently or on your alt, you can also immediately grab a Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit and then farm the Charms while leveling your current character.

“Love is in The Air” Event Rewards

Characters level 50 and higher can receive a Heart-Shaped Box from the Crown Chemical Company, which can contain the X-45 Heartbreaker and other various rewards. Meanwhile, lower-leveled characters can only receive a Heart-Shaped Carton instead, which cannot contain mounts, pets, or toys. And new to the “Love is in the Air” 2023 event, the first Heart-Shaped Box of the day across your Battle.net account will have an increased chance to drop the X-45 Heartbreaker.

Item Name Type How to Get
Swift Lovebird Mount 270 Love Tokens (Lovely Merchant)
Love Boat Toy 270 Love Tokens (Lovely Merchant)
Sturdy Love Fool Toy 200 Love Tokens (Lovely Merchant)
Peddlefeet’s Lovely Hearthstone Toy 150 Love Tokens (Lovely Merchant)
Truesilver Shafted Arrow Pet 40 Love Tokens (Lovely Merchant)
Lovebird Hatchling Pet 40 Love Tokens (Lovely Merchant)
Lovely Dress (Blue/Red/Purple/Black) Transmog 20 Love Tokens (Lovely Dress Box, Lovely Merchant)
Dinner Suit (Blue/Red/Purple) Transmog 20 Love Tokens (Dinner Suit Box, Lovely Merchant)
Romantic Picnic Basket Toy 10 Love Tokens (Lovely Merchant)
X-45 Heartbreaker Mount Heart-Shaped Box loot
Toxic Wasteling Pet Heart-Shaped Box loot
The Heartbreaker Toy Heart-Shaped Box loot
True Love Prism Toy Reward from “They Really Love Me!” Achievement
Forever-Lovely Rose Equipment Heart-Shaped Box and Heart-Shaped Carton loot
Vile Fumigator’s Mask Equipment Heart-Shaped Box and Heart-Shaped Carton loot


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